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Knee Pain and Treatment

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Knee Pain and Treatment

Treatment for knee pain depends on whether the pain is the result of acute injuries (fast onset but temporary) or chronic conditions (lasting over a longer period). Treatment of any kind is critical for allowing us to walk, turn, and squat without pain.

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Knee Pain

The knee is a large and complex joint that we use every time we move around, sit, stand, or bend. As such, knee pain can have a variety of causes and consequences that will require different treatment responses. Knee pain can be the result of an injury, inflammation, or dislocation within the knee or, alternatively, may be the result of joint degradation due to gradual wear and tear or due to an autoimmune disease.


A number of treatments for knee pain are available which your health care professional can discuss with you according to the nature of your injury or degeneration. There are a number of non-medical treatment options available, including physically supporting your knee or using various low-impact exercises. Alternatively, there are numerous over-the-counter and prescription treatments available to assist with your knee pain if required. If these options have been exhausted, your doctor may recommend you consider knee replacement surgery if your knee pain is preventing you from living a regular life. Please read the articles below to learn more about the different treatments that you can discuss with your doctor.


Deciding to have knee surgery is a huge step towards regaining your mobility and lifestyle. While the journey leading up to and following surgery can seem daunting at first, there are a number of steps you can take to make the preparation and rehabilitation processes as straightforward as possible. The articles linked below will take you through the different stages of the journey to help you prepare yourself and your surroundings for your knee surgery and will give an indication of what you can expect in the days and weeks afterwards.


There are a range of resources available here at Real Life Performance and across the web to help you with your knee replacement journey. We have provided answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions about knee replacement surgery and also collected stories from real patients who have gone through their own knee replacement procedure and can share their experiences and results. We also provide a list of additional sources of information from locations around the web. Please remember, of course, that the most important advice and information about your health care options will come from your doctor or health care professional.