The Breast Implant Selection Hub

The Breast Implant Selection Hub

Managing breast implant selection for patients in the current era is increasingly challenging, mainly due to patients’ access to multiple sources of different quality information.

The consultation and decision-making process for breast implant surgery is truly complex, for both experienced surgeons, and surgeons that are just starting out in the profession.

The Breast Implant Selection Hub is an accessible, easily digestible, new media resource focused on key questions that need to be answered in breast implant selection.


Our goal

We aim to support surgeons in their day to day decision making for implant selection, so they can achieve long term optimal and predictable results for their patients.

Click on the video on the right to hear a brief message from Dr Paul Harris, from our Scientific Committee.

Key Topics (click the links below to watch)

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  • Fundamentals of Implant Based Breast Reconstruction (Video)
  • Prepectoral vs Retropectoral (Video)
  • Implant malposition (Video)
  • Synthetic vs biological meshes (Video)
  • Radiotherapy effects (Video)
  • Lipofilling strategies (Video)


Read the whitepaper that links to the video content and provides further supportive, evidence based information

Learn more about breast implant selection from the experts. 

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