Ethicon is proud to now offer the CE marked and 510(k) cleared VISIBLE PATIENT™ software as an innovative surgical planning experience to its surgeon customers. In addition to our European in-market presence in France, Ethicon Visible Patient is now also available in Italy, UK, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

Ethicon Visible Patient Solution is designed to help surgeons create a clear roadmap for surgery with the ability to plan pre-operatively and the flexibility to reference intra-operatively.  With use of patients' existing medical imaging, including CT or MRI images, Visible Patient leverages software algorithms and medical expert analysis to generate an interactive 3D model for organs such as the lungs, colorectal, kidneys and liver.


We are pleased to offer a meaningful technology that surgeons believe will enable more precise and efficient surgical planning1,” said Celine Martin, Global Head of Robotics and Digital Solutions and President, Ethicon Energy and Endomechanical. 

The software technology is highly interactive, portable, and private – it was developed in line with applicable privacy laws and regulations, including GDPR and HIPAA guidelines.  Ethicon Visible Patient is available for use on devices with PC, Mac, or iOS installed operating systems. The end-to-end software workflow can be implemented 100% remotely with dedicated product management and customer service. 

The introduction of Visible Patient is the latest reflection of our commitment and investment in digital solutions to advance the practice of surgery. Giving surgeons additional information to support their clinical decision-making has the potential to drive the next surgical revolution. Our digital surgery ecosystem will bring together the collective value of Next Generation Robotics and Instrumentation; Advanced Imaging; and AI-powered Digital Solutions.

Ethicon Visible Patient aims to provide our surgeon customers with insights on patient specific anatomy, available at their fingertips both pre-operatively and inside the OR.  By providing 3D models of structures such as suspected tumors, vascular anatomy, and anatomical variation, we give surgeons a valuable new tool for planning their surgical approach,” said Dave Herrmann, Global Head of Digital Solutions.

Critical to our digital surgery ecosystem are advanced technologies across the peri-operative continuum of patient care.  Pre-operative procedure planning with Visible Patient, coupled with the flexibility to reference the plan intra-operatively, enhances the information available to the surgeon for clinical decision making.  Ethicon’s commitment to shaping the future of surgery means a future where medical intervention is smarter, less invasive and more personalized for our patients and their healthcare providers. 

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