Why Johnson & Johnson MedTech and Janssen are Partnering with Denmark’s Largest University Hospital

Julie Brooker, MD Janssen Denmark; Henning Langberg, CIO Rigshospitalet; Sven Dohmann, Country Director, J&J MedTech Denmark.

Collaboration is essential. If we want to affect real, lasting change to our health care and healthcare systems, continuing to work together with other organisations is crucial. That’s why the new strategic partnership Johnson & Johnson MedTech and Janssen have formed with Rigshospitalet, Denmark’s largest University Hospital and a world class institution, is so exciting. 

Rigshospitalet share our conviction that models of value-based healthcare and effective use of real-world evidence have great potential, both to improve outcomes for patients and to enable more efficient use of resources. Which, in turn, could make healthcare systems more sustainable and free-up investment for innovation. 

Johnson & Johnson MedTech, Janssen EMEA and Janssen Denmark have worked closely together to establish the collaboration with the hospital, in a first of its kind, cross-sector strategic partnership where forces will be aligned to prioritize a holistic approach to innovation and patient care. 

The potential for scale with Johnson & Johnson is what made this unparalleled collaboration so attractive - the possibility to bring world class physicians together with the world’s largest healthcare company offered unmeasurable possibilities for all.  

The beginning of a long-standing partnership 

This partnership is in line with the Danish Government’s national life science strategy that was launched earlier this year and highlights the necessity of public-private partnerships (PPP) to support innovation and – among other things – make better use of health data. The European Union also recently launched The Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) which aims to tackle similar issues throughout the whole of Europe. 

An initial focus area of the Danish PPP is Oncology. The partners will work together to analyse health data to improve treatment of lung cancer, the most prevalent type of cancer in Denmark and is attributable to the most cancer related deaths in Europe in 2020. MedTech projects are to be confirmed in 2023. 

Health data will be a central pillar of this collaboration. Janssen EMEA Head of Real World Evidence & Value-Based Healthcare, Clare Hague, said: “I am delighted to see the partnership with Rigshospitalet come together, and I’m excited by the possibilities of being able to optimize patient outcomes and realize efficiencies in the health system, by working together in this way”.