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Ankle Fracture

DePuy Synthes Trauma

Ankle Fracture

To deliver world-class care, you need a world-class partner. At DePuy Synthes we have become an essential part of ankle fracture repair by providing a comprehensive portfolio of solutions designed to help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your patients. No matter what injury you face, we are here to support you.

 Ankle Fracture Treatment Options

depuy synthes ankle fracture plate

2.7mm/3.5mm Variable Angle LCP® Ankle Trauma System

The DePuy Synthes VA LCP® Ankle Trauma System addresses a wide spectrum of ankle fractures and is engineered with Variable Angle (VA) locking technology and plating options to address your fixation needs.

Expert Tibial Nail

Expert Tibial Nail (ETN) available with PROtect Coating

The Expert Tibial Nail (ETN) is standard in treating tibial fractures with a wide range of indications. ETN provides versatility in locking options as well as antibiotic releasing PROtect Coating.

Universal Small Fragment System

Universal Small Fragment System

The Universal Small Fragment System is a streamlined system of instruments to support small fragment procedures and any 2.7 mm/3.5 mm DePuy Synthes non-locking, LCP® and VA LCP® Plating Technologies.

Related Products

Below are some of the DePuy Synthes Trauma products used to treat ankle fractures.

LCP® Anterolateral Distal Tibia Plate

LCP® Anterolateral Distal Tibia Plate 3.5

Distal Fibula Plate System

LCP® Distal Fibula Plate System 2.7/3.5


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