DePuy Synthes Trauma

Hand Fractures

DePuy Synthes Trauma

Hand Fractures

DePuy Synthes has a range of solutions to treat hand fractures. In the past few decades there have been significant advances in internal fixation of the hand, including in metallurgy, biomechanics, and implant design. Through our innovations, experience, and commitment we are here to meet your needs when treating hand fractures.

Hand Fracture Treatments

 Hand Fracture Treatment Options

Locking Hand System

Variable Angle Locking Hand System

The Variable Angle Locking Hand System is indicated for the treatment of fractures, deformities and degenerative diseases in the hand. Variable Angle Locking Plates 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm feature Variable Angle Locking coaxial holes. Four columns of threads in the Variable Angle Locking hole provide four points for threaded locking between the Plate and the Variable Angle Locking Screw to create a fixed-angle construct at the desired screw angle.

Cannulated Compression Headless Screws

Cannulated Compression Headless Screws (CCHS)

The self-drilling, self-tapping partially threaded titanium CCHS provides interfragmentary compression and stability through different thread pitch of the head and the distal shaft. CCHS offers surgeons precision through a cutting edge, Cobalt Chrome Guide Wire and a comprehensive portfolio.

Continuous Compression Implants

Continuous Compression Implants (CCI)

Continuous Active Compression even after repetitive loading. Unlike traditional fixation technologies, DePuy Synthes Continuous Compression Implants are manufactured from nitinol, a “shape memory“ metal, to continuously and dynamically keep bones compressed throughout the healing process.

 Related Products

Below are other DePuy Synthes Trauma products used to treat hand fractures.

Variable Angle Locking Intercarpal Fusion System

Variable Angle Locking Intercarpal Fusion System


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