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Operating Room Management & Innovations in Optimisation

We offer customized tools and programs that can facilitate the effective management of the Operating Room (OR), which has the potential to improve the quality of care for patients while enhancing staff satisfaction and reducing cost of care. 

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ORs are one of the most expensive departments to run in a hospital. An optimal OR must have an efficient material management system in place, so it can: 

Ensure the right product is in the right place, at the right time, for the right patient 

– saving OR teams time from having to place last-minute orders, use alternative products, or delay procedures. 

Minimize costs and waste

– by limiting unnecessary high stock levels, accumulation of expired products, and the costs required to maintain viable stock levels. There is also a need for staff to trust the processes, reducing the need for extra checks and the additional time that is required to do this. 

Streamline and simplify logistics processes

– by digitalizing and automating complex processes, which are often manual and paperwork-heavy. It can help OR teams order products more quickly, improve tracking and tracing, and enable more seamless inventory and order management. 

How do we help?

Our OR Optimisation capabilities can help by providing tailored solutions to deliver against these objectives. Our tools and programs focus on three elements – services, data-driven content, and technology



Services that can analyse product use and minimize inefficiencies, such as Lean management, ready-for-use procedural pack delivery, and product standardization

Data-driven content

Data-driven content

Data-driven insights and training in Lean management for OR teams, empowering them to take ownership of plans, actions, and outcomes



World-class technology that can help OR teams manage their products and inventory more effectively

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