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Transforming Surgery. Enabling Teams to Excel.

SPI's Technology aims to empower surgeons and care teams to address variability* in the OR and enhance team performance, by synchronizing workflows and accessing real-time analytics.


Designed to Enable Surgical Teams to Excel

Synchronized Workflows

Synchronized Workflows

Designed as an intuitive and modular platform to enable you to choreograph your team with your digital surgical workflows and enhance teamwork, communication and collaboration.

Real-life Learning

Real-life Learning

Structured surgical workflows can make training, practice and onboarding of new team members consistent and reproducible.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time Analytics

Digital data sets give access to real-time analytics, allowing you to track, analyze and interpret your surgical performance to better understand and address surgical variability*.


Continuous Cycle of Quality Improvement



We help you create and customize your own digital surgical workflow.



Guide your team through each surgery according to your surgical workflows.



Track, analyze and interpret the performance of the surgical team.


Reducing variability* in surgery

High-quality of care

Consistent High-quality of Care

Designed to reduce variability* in the OR by supporting care teams to operate in a synchronized and coordinated way that can deliver consistent, high quality of care.

Improved efficiency

Improving Efficiency**

SPI aims to enable teams to achieve efficiencies** in their operating rooms by working together more efficiently, shortening operating time and reducing disruptions and unnecessary delays.

Training & onboarding

Structured Training & Onboarding

SPI’s technology can support structured training and onboarding of new care team members, enabling them to enhance their surgical performance with real-life learning and real-time insights.

“Better team coordination and interactions between nurses, surgeons and first assistants.”

- Prof. Dr. Graichen -

Medical Director, Chief Physician Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery, Asklepios Orthopädische Klinik Lindenlohe


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SPI, part of Johnson & Johnson’s digital ecosystem, offers technologies that can enable you to take a first step into the future of surgery.

About Surgical Process Institute


About Surgical Process Institute

At SPI, we leverage our deep clinical expertise to create digital technologies designed to transform the surgical experience and enable surgeons to choreograph their operating room, guiding the entire care team through each surgery.

By supporting care teams to operate in a more synchronized way, we aim to help surgeons and hospitals to deliver consistent high quality of care and efficiency in their OR

Footnotes & References

*Variability in surgery is measured through standard deviation in surgery time.
**Efficiency is measured by the median of the total surgery time and incision to suture time.
^This is a testimonial based on the experience of a single facility. Results produced in one facility may not be indicative of results that may be achieved in other facilities.
°Prof. Dr. Graichen is a paid consultant of Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices EMEA.


The Surgical Procedure Manager v2.0 or higher (“SPM”) is placed on the market by Surgical Process Institute Deutschland GmbH (“SPI”).

SPM does not qualify as a medical device per applicable regulations, including the EU Medical Device Regulation No 2017/745. Healthcare professionals only are responsible for taking decisions related to patient diagnosis or treatment.

SPM is for use only by (i) medical staff licensed for practice and (ii) in a hospital setting (“Authorized Users”). SPM enables Authorized Users to document hospital generic and/or staff-specific process steps for certain medical interventions, such steps as designed ad agreed to by the Authorized Users (“the Workflow”).

IMPORTANT: Certain Workflows used in SPM come with pre-filled steps for implantation of medical devices marketed by the Johnson & Johnson Medical Device Companies (“JJMDC”) in line with the Instructions for Use and/or Surgical Technique Guide of such medical devices. However, those Workflows do not necessarily include all the relevant information for such medical devices and do not replace the full information in the Instructions for Use and/or Surgical Technique Guide. Please refer to https://www.e-ifu.com/ for the full information of the JJMDS medical devices.

Where SPM displays the Workflow as designed and agreed by the Authorized User, SPI assumes no liability for the individual process steps, their accuracy, correctness, completeness or quality of the medical information and content as incorporated in SPM. The Authorized User remains solely responsible and liable towards its patients for the medical intervention carried out while using SPM.

SPM may not be commercially available in all countries within EMEA and is only commercially available for a limited number of countries outside of EMEA.

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