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Understanding Hip Anatomy

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Understanding Hip Anatomy

Discover how your hip works

A joint is a point where multiple bones meet and work together so that you can perform daily tasks like sit, climb stairs, walk comfortably, etc.

healthy hip

The hip joint is described as being a “ball and socket” joint due to the joint’s appearance of a ball (femoral head) fitting snugly in a cup-like socket (acetabulum). The ball (femoral head) is located at the top of the thigh bone (femur) and the socket (acetabulum) is part of the pelvis. The area where the bones meet is covered by a slick but firm tissue called cartilage, allowing the joint to move smoothly.

osteoarthritic hip

As joint disease progresses, the bones begin to rub together causing a rough misshapen surface, sometimes resulting in bone-on-bone contact, producing pain and stiffness.

hip replacement component

Hip replacement surgery removes the worn and arthritic areas of your hip joint and replaces those areas with an implant that helps restore a smooth joint surface.


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Hip Replacement

The goal of hip replacement is to help you get back to an active lifestyle with less pain.

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Hip Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy allows a surgeon to see inside the hip and to carry out procedures through tiny incisions.

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Hip Fracture

A hip fracture refers to a break in the bones of the leg or pelvis that make up the hip joint.