Ethicon Suture Portfolio



Our goal is to simplify and optimise our worldwide suture portfolio, positioning needle and suture combinations at the forefront of technology. This page explains some of the key  features of our suture portfolio and highlights the value they deliver, so you can continue to Expect More from Ethicon.

Expect More From Ethicon’s Portfolio

EthalloyTM Needles

EthalloyTM Needles

Expect our needle portfolio to deliver innovation, with EthalloyTM needles designed  to have more strength and more bend-resistance than stainless steel needles.* 1,2

One-Step RelayTM 

One-Step RelayTM 

Expect our suture portfolio to deliver innovation, with One-Step RelayTM Suture Delivery System designed to simplify needle arming.3

MultipassTM Needles

MultipassTM Needles

Expect our suture portfolio to deliver innovation, with MultipassTM silicone coated needles, designed for smooth, consistent penetration and reduced tissue trauma, pass after pass. 3,4


* Compared to conventional needle alloys.

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