Anterior Advantage Features & Benefits
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Reproducible Technique

DePuy Synthes has had a long-standing collaboration with Dr. Joel Matta, who has championed and evolved the Anterior Approach in the U.S. to what is now known as the ANTERIOR ADVANTAGE™ MATTA METHOD™ Hip Replacement, a defined, reproducible ANTERIOR ADVANTAGE™ Hip Replacement technique.

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World-Class Education Opportunities

DePuy Synthes Companies offer ANTERIOR ADVANTAGE™  MATTA METHOD™  Hip Replacement specific THA courses including peer-to-peer training with hands-on cadaveric labs, didactic lectures, and interactive discussions. Additional support materials are available to assist participants throughout the entire learning process including a standardized surgical technique, clinical papers, filmed surgeries, OR visitations, and field specialist support.

Potential for Improved Outcomes and Increased Patient Satisfaction

Potential for Improved Outcomes and Increased Patient Satisfaction

ANTERIOR ADVANTAGE™ Hip Replacement uses a muscle sparing surgical technique and is associated with less pain1,2,3, faster recovery1, and reduced length of stay1,4 vs. traditional approaches. ANTERIOR ADVANTAGE™ Hip Replacement also shows cost reduction4,5 vs. traditional approaches.

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Reducing Cost of Care

THA with the ANTERIOR ADVANTAGE™ MATTA METHOD™ Hip Replacement resulted in $6,200 cost savings per patient ($17,763 with ANTERIOR ADVANTAGE MATTA METHOD Hip Replacement vs. $23,969 compared to the cohort)6


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