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ANTERIOR ADVANTAGE™ MATTA METHOD™ Helped Jeannette Get Back to Enjoying the Florida Sun  

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ANTERIOR ADVANTAGE™ MATTA METHOD™ Helped Jeannette Get Back to Enjoying the Florida Sun  

Growing up in Southern California, and now residing in Winter Park, Florida, Jeannette Bourne has always loved being active year-round. She enjoys traveling with her husband and family, shopping with friends, and walking around her neighborhood. A few years ago, Jeannette was having a hard time enjoying her hobbies and participating in basic activities like walking because of her hip pain; even just riding along in the golf cart with her husband had become too painful. Jeannette stopped going to the lake and pool. While out shopping with friends, Jeannette would sit on a bench while her friends sent her pictures of items in the stores. She was missing out on normal, everyday activities and was not enjoying her previously “sunny” life.

Since childhood, Jeannette always had a fear of doctors. She tried to manage her hip pain with over-the-counter medication and physical therapy, yet even after therapy, she continued to experience severe pain. The possibility of hip replacement surgery scared Jeannette, and for some time she avoided the idea altogether. Finally, Jeannette had a turning point when she was on vacation with her family. Normally, the family would walk down the beach together to a special restaurant for dinner. One night, Jeannette wasn’t able to make the long walk, and the disappointment on her family’s faces made it clear to her—Jeannette had to do something. She was tired of missing out. “The pain had gotten so severe that it washed away any fear of having surgery.”

Jeannette was referred to Dr. Joel Matta from The Steadman Clinic. Dr. Matta is known as the modern-day pioneer in the Anterior Approach, a muscle-sparing surgical technique for hip replacement. Dr. Matta and his staff made Jeannette comfortable, taking the time to explain hip replacement surgery, to show videos, and to explain the possible outcomes that she may experience. Jeannette—now well-informed and supported, despite her initial fears—made the decision to have hip replacement surgery.

In August 2017, Dr. Matta performed Jeannette’s first hip replacement with ANTERIOR ADVANTAGE™ MATTA METHOD™ Hip Replacement, a muscle-sparing approach that is associated with less pain, faster recovery, and 30% less time in the hospital.1, 2 The technique uses a surgical incision on the front of the hip, and uses an orthopaedic table (also called a HanaTM table) designed to allow the surgeon better access to the hip joint.  The technique also specifies the use of an intra-operative image check to allow more accuracy with aligning and positioning the hip implant.3,4

“Waking up from surgery without pain, was simply amazing,” she said. Within one hour after surgery, she was up taking her first steps. After physical therapy and rehab, Jeannette was soon able to get back out and enjoy her active lifestyle. She enjoys walking in her neighborhood, meeting new people, and trying new things.

In June 2018, Dr. Matta performed Jeannette’s second hip replacement on her opposite hip with the ANTERIOR ADVANTAGE™ MATTA METHOD™ Hip Replacement. Jeannette, again, had been experiencing similar pain in her opposite hip, and it was interfering once again with her daily activities. After the positive experience with her first hip replacement, Jeannette felt that it was a much easier decision to make this time. “When I left for surgery that day, it was like I was going to visit friends for coffee, and I wasn’t a bit scared.”

Today, Jeannette has made it her personal mission to share her positive experience with ANTERIOR ADVANTAGE™ MATTA METHOD™ Hip Replacement Surgery. In fact, Jeannette is so passionate about her life-changing experience that she and her husband, as well as a family foundation, have made donations to the Anterior Hip Foundation to help fund further research and treatment for others in need.

Jeannette is staying active and is now able to travel frequently with her husband. She is even considering taking up golf again. Family means everything to Jeannette; her children, grandchildren, and even the dog look at her differently now because she can keep up with all of them. She even wore heels, for the first time in years, to her son’s wedding. “This has changed my outlook on life and how I do things. I love having my two new hips!”

Jeannette’s advice to potential patients is to educate themselves about their treatment options. Jeannette would like to share her personal mission statement and wish for other potential hip patients:

“With sincere indebtedness to those who have directed me insightfully to the Anterior Approach hip replacement in my time of need – and with relentless anticipation that others will have the same opportunity that dramatically remodeled my quality of life within hours of this procedure.”

If you are experiencing hip pain, ask your doctor if ANTERIOR ADVANTAGE™ Hip Replacement is right for you. ANTERIOR ADVANTAGE™ Hip Replacement may also help you get back sooner to doing the things you love. Learn more at



As with any medical treatment, individual results may vary. The performance of hip replacements depends on age, weight, activity level and other factors. There are potential risks and recovery takes time. People with conditions limiting rehabilitation should not have this surgery. Only an orthopaedic surgeon can tell if hip replacement is right for you.

MATTA METHOD™ is a trademark of Joel Matta, M.D.


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