Social Media Best Practices for Electrophysiologists

Social Media Best Practices for Electrophysiologists

Having a presence on social media is especially important in the healthcare space as many people turn to social media for information and decision making. As an electrophysiologist, social media can help you build your brand, attract new patients, and share exciting cases with fellow #EPeeps. Check out these best practices on social media for all platforms.

Why Social Media?

Social media can help you connect with other EPs by easily sharing cases, research and best practices as well as getting collaborative feedback from colleagues around the world.

Social media can increase your ability to find and connect with new patients, industry organizations and other healthcare professionals.

Social media can help you use your expertise to educate people about AFib and potential treatment options.

Getting Started  

The first step to getting started is setting up your account on the different platforms.  

  1. Choose a username or “handle” that best represents your professional title, practice or clinic. Many electrophysiologists choose to nod to their profession by including “EP” or “EPeep” within their handle.  
  2. When writing a bio, consider what your followers are interested in; in this case, it is likely your title, practice/clinic, and location. 
  3. Select a profile image that best illustrates you or your practice/clinic. Professional headshots are best, but many active EPs also use photos of themselves in a more casual setting. 
  4. Your profile is live a ready for sharing! 


Social Media Do’s & Don’ts 


  • Keep copy short  
    • For Twitter it is recommended to keep copy less than 200 characters 
    • For Facebook and LinkedIn keep copy to under 60 words  
  • Use language that is simple and easy to read  
  • Tag relevant people or pages to increase engagement and reach  
    • To tag a user or page, type “@” before typing a name  
  • Use relevant hashtags such as #EPeeps, #AFib, #CardioTwitter to expand reach of your tweet and join conversations with others  
  • Use images, graphics or videos whenever applicable  
    • Utilize the Biosense Webster, Inc. CARTOCONNECT™ Application for smartphones to transfer images and video from the CARTO® 3 to your mobile device so that you can easily create posts with an image.   
  • Balance content topics to show range and expertise  
  • React, respond, and engage with others or when you are tagged  
  • Have fun and find your professional voice  


  • Don’t sound too authoritative or boastful; try and be a trusted partner  
  • Don’t include too many hashtags (one or two usually works fine)  
  • Don’t include patient-identifying information 
  • Don’t post photos without the permission of the people in them   
  • Don’t share content that is negative or degrading 


Perfect Post Formula  

  1. Draft catchy and engaging post copy  
  2. Tag relevant colleagues, contributors, or industry voices  
  3. Add URL as relevant  
  4. Add image or video  
  5. Include relevant hashtags


Social Media Community Guidelines

Our goal with Biosense Webster’s social community is to create a respectful and welcoming environment focusing on the science, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.   

We intend for the Biosense Webster’s social community pages to provide a forum of free exchange of information and discussion among users on our products, company, electrophysiology, and overall heart health. We cannot allow users to engage in conduct that is damaging to other users, Biosense Webster, Inc. itself, or other companies. Please use good judgment and refer to these Guidelines when participating within our communities.  

Focus Comments on Approved Products and Procedures 

Social media posts from Biosense Webster’s profiles are intended for the U.S. audience. Therefore, we do not detail products that are not approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, with few exceptions related to clinical and other milestones, and product approvals in other markets.  

Social Media Content Should be Submitted by Adults

While site visitors of any age are welcome to view content in our social community pages, it is not intended for visitors under 18. 

Keep Comments Constructive and Refrain from Posting the Following Materials: 

  • Language that is harassing, threatening derogatory, defamatory, racist, abusive, hateful, violent or which obscene language is used.  
  • Imagery that displays profane language, nude images, political content, or propaganda.  
  • False information, excessively promotional or caustic regarding a product’s attributes, efficacy, and/or safety profiles that could result in the potential for others to be misled.  
  • Do not attempt to impersonate client staff, medical personnel, or other community members.  
  • These channels are meant for general information purposes and should never serve as medical advice or replacement of advice from your doctor. 
  • Do not post comments about specific products' unless you are reporting about your personal experience with products used in relation to the purpose of our social community presence. For example, "I used the THERMOCOOL SMARTTOUCH® Catheter for the first time in a case last week, and ...". 
  • Refrain from posting copyrighted materials (text, images) may not be used without the express permission of the relevant copyright owners, or without attributing the content to said owners. 
  • If you submit photos or footage that includes persons other than yourself, you must have the express documented permission of the others included that meet state, federal or local government privacy regulations. Do not submit photos with children in them unless they're your own. 

If you are a medical professional and have had an undesirable experience with Biosense Webster Inc.’s products, please email [email protected] so we can assist you. 

Comments with Personal Identifiable Medical Information 

We ask that you please avoid any references or information that has the potential to expose someone’s personal medical information

Avoid reference to the personal medical information about others, including names or other information (age, sex, last name, street address, phone number, name/location of school, avatar, screen name, email address etc.) or other information that can be used to identify or locate another individual or that could otherwise be considered invasion of another's privacy. 

Note: Posts that include any of the above information – even in the context of sharing medical case examples that do not include patient name or imagery – prevents Biosense Webster from actively engaging (liking, commenting, sharing) with the content.  

Below is an example of social media posts that Biosense Webster will not actively engage with:

  • “Treated a 54-yo male today” (Patient age, sex, date, and HCP name has the potential to reveal medical information)    

Biosense Webster reserves the right to delete any posting at its sole discretion that affects the integrity of our social media communities. Users must also comply with the social media platforms’ community guidelines.