Traditional Media Best Practices

Traditional Media Best Practices

There are a number of best practices when it comes to reaching out to the media to ensure that you are building relationships with your local contacts and that your messages are well received. Some key best practices include:

Finding Reporters

  • Conduct research on the most appropriate contact based on what they write about. You can find their contact information via the publication’s contact page, or through additional online research. 
  • Add them to a press list that is kept up to date with the latest contact info, coverage area and last point of contact. 

Building Relationships

  • Create a tailored list of reporters with whom you already have relationships, as well as those you want to build a relationship with 
  • Plan regular touch bases with each reporter to keep them in the loop and check in on what they are working on 
  • Follow reporters on Twitter/LinkedIn to glean insights into what interests them  

Pitching and Follow Up

  • Customize media pitches based on relationships and never blast email – hyper targeted media outreach is key in today’s current news environment  
  • Follow up, as possible, with a personal call to reporters that you reach out to 

Interview Preparation

  • Memorize 2-3 key messages and repeat them often, with a few proof points under each – including clinical insights (if available)  
  • Use layman’s language so the information can be easily understood. Avoid using EP jargon.  
  • Anticipate hard questions and be prepared to answer but make sure to say what you came there to say  
  • Once you’ve finished delivering your messages, open up for questions