Health Economics & Market Access

Value Briefs

Health Economics & Market Access

Value Briefs

Biosense Webster, Inc. equips physicians and providers with evidence-based tools that communicate the health and economic value of Biosense Webster, Inc. technology.

Product/Technology Value Briefs

Orange, five-pronged diagnostic catheter for electrophysiology mapping​

OCTARAY™ Mapping Catheter Value Brief​

The OCTARAY™ Mapping Catheter enables shorter mapping times, faster acquisition rates, and provides better clarity in high-density maps to improve procedural efficiency.

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RF vs Cryo Value Brief

Biosense Webster, Inc. radiofrequency ablation technology enables efficient, effective, and safe atrial fibrillation ablations at a lower cost as compared to cryoablation.

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ICE in LAAO Value Brief

ICE guided LAAO procedures help to reduce procedure time, fluoroscopy time, and healthcare utilization, therefore providing procedural benefits and cost-savings.

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CARTO VIZIGO® Sheath Value Brief

Improved visualization with the CARTO VIZIGO® Sheath optimizes catheter stability and navigation in order to improve procedure safety and efficiency.


VISITAG SURPOINT™ Module Value Brief

The VISITAG SURPOINT™ Module utilizes Biosense Webster, Inc. technology to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and reproducibility of ablation procedures for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.

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Ultrasound in Ablation Value Brief

Use of intracardiac echocardiography (ultrasound) during ablation procedures improves procedural efficiency and reduces fluoroscopy need.

Procedural Value Briefs

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Efficiency Value Brief

Biosense Webster, Inc. technology reduces overall procedure time thereby improving efficiency and enabling you to treat more patients.

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Fluoroscopy Reduction Value Brief

The use of Biosense Webster, Inc. technology helps minimize radiation exposure by reducing fluoroscopy time during atrial fibrillation ablation.

Patient Care Value Briefs

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Early Ablation Brief

Earlier restoration of sinus rhythm in atrial fibrillation patients may reduce disease progression, improve long-term procedural success, and lower overall patient mortality.

thermocool smarttouch surround flow ablation catheter

ER AFib Pathway Value Brief

Having an efficient ER AFib pathway to streamline AFib care can reduce diagnosis to ablation time, hospitalizations, and healthcare utilization among patients.