Two men stand in front of a white board with a mathematical problem written on it talking to each other
Two men stand in front of a white board with a mathematical problem written on it talking to each other

The Heart of Johnson & Johnson MedTech

Meet four colleagues helping to create purposeful technology to reimagine health—in ways both big and small.

Johnson & Johnson MedTech (JJMT) doesn’t just encourage innovation -

it brings innovation to life. Since inception, JJMT has relentlessly strived to foster creativity and advance capabilities to make meaningful differences in the work of surgeons and lives of patients.

And it’s the people of JJMT that make it all possible.

Introducing Drivers of Innovation, a series that features the faces, voices, and inspiring stories of JJMT colleagues who are reimagining the way healthcare is delivered and driving the Company’s culture and business.

Below is a preview of some of the inspiring game-changers who are raising the bar at JJMT and who you will meet in the Drivers of Innovation series on the Johnson & Johnson MedTech YouTube channel.

A woman with dark hair and a blue shirt smiles at the camera

Joanna Chung, Systems Engineering Manager 

While Joanna Chung always wanted to work in healthcare, landing a job in the medtech industry was “a happy accident,” one she is grateful for every day.   

In her current role, Joanna manages a team of system engineers focusing on software for JJMT’s robotic and digital solutions. “I love to sit at a level where I get to touch a lot of different things,” she says. “Understanding where a system is going, understanding the hopes and dreams of the team and looking at the broader picture of how our project will help a wide audience is highly motivating.” 

For Joanna, the potential to help patients is a powerful motivator, and it’s her passion for enhancing the capabilities of the healthcare industry that drives her work. 

“You don’t need multiple degrees or publications to do great work. Passion is what’s important. I’m doing work that I can be proud of. I’m not fueled by money. Healthcare is getting better, and we’re not limited in what we can do. It gives me hope.” 

Paul Kesig, Senior Manager U.S. Commercial & Professional Education – Sports Medicine 

Growing up, Paul Kesig knew two things: that he was passionate about the healthcare industry and helping others and that he had no desire to become a doctor. “Sales and training were a natural next step for me to help people and impart wisdom. To see people go out and have success brings me a lot of joy.” 

As a senior manager for commercial and professional education, Paul heads a team that leads and executes training for the sports medicine sales team and surgeons in the sports medicine business. “I constantly tell my team to think about the experience they’re delivering, and I’m always pushing the envelope of how to engage teams.” 

Naturally, he loves the company’s openness to new ideas. “I have the opportunity to go out and come up with a crazy idea, and my leaders say, ‘Hey, yeah, give it a shot.’ I’m always trying different things and I like having fun. My goal is to try to achieve something every day, and that’s why I’m really excited and passionate about Johnson & Johnson.” 

A man in a white shirt wearing glasses and a mask and a man in a black and white sweater wearing glasses and a mask look off camera at a project

Fabien Schmitt, Senior Design Manager 

Originally from Germany, Fabien Schmitt started his career as an engineer, but it didn’t take long for him to realize something was missing. Wanting to understand customers on a deeper level, he sought opportunities to work in a more customer-centric way and eventually found his sweet spot in design. 

“Design in medtech is a really interesting place where physical technology and connected experiences come together to create better outcomes for patients,” he says. 

Fabien currently leads the design team on one of our robotics platforms. Along with his teammates, Fabien is committed to developing impactful products with the goal of positively affecting all who come into contact with them.   

“Designers focus very much on the people who will directly interact with a product or system, and this includes those people who will have secondary interaction. We look at all the touchpoints from end to end and this makes a big difference. It’s creating great products and experiences that hopefully people will love and have pleasure interacting with on a daily basis. We want to create a different standard in robotics and in the hospital.” 

Ekta Patel, Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist 

Growing up, Ekta Patel was very close to her grandfather, and it was through that relationship that she began to understand the critical role healthcare plays in a person’s life. When her grandfather lost his thumb, there were no surgeries to reattach it at the time. As he aged, he developed severe trembling in his hand due to his lost thumb.  

“I wished there was something I could do,” Ekta says. “I thought about being a doctor, but I put too much emotion into what I’m doing. That was definitely not the right road, but I knew I wanted to do something where I could make a difference from a health perspective.” 

After completing her master’s degree, Ekta eventually joined Johnson & Johnson as a contractor in 2019 and, a year later, moved into a full-time position as a Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist. In addition to enjoying the opportunity to help patients like her grandfather, Ekta also fell in love with the Company’s startup mentality. “Johnson & Johnson always wants you to thrive. So that aspect of a startup is there. If you want to do it, they are ready to find you resources to put you in a place where you can do things. 

Currently, Ekta is challenged on a global scale with her work on the next generation of endocutters, which are devices that precisely cut and staple tissue in a variety of surgical procedures. “We work with China, Europe, Japan, and other international markets — regulatory affairs has to understand what different countries need from us to get the medical device approved in each region prior to its launch, what claims we’ll use in each country, what testing data is required to support these claims and to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of our medical device.  Additionally, we look at how to accelerate timelines. I love the strategy of it.” 

For well over a century, creative, energetic employees like these have played a leading role in helping advance public health through the creation of innovative products, experiences, and solutions. To see more stories about the employees who are changing the trajectory of human health, visit the Johnson & Johnson MedTech YouTube channel

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