If you suffer from consistent Nasal Airway Obstruction (NAO) symptoms including, a stuffy or congested nose, blocked airflow through the nose or any difficulty with nasal breathing you may benefit from surgery with the RELIEVA TRACT® Nasal Dilation System. Learn more about the procedure, how it works and why treatment is important.

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The RELIEVA TRACT® Nasal Dilation System is a minimally invasive option for nasal obstruction.1 During the procedure, the RELIEVA TRACT® dilates (opens up) your nasal passage through use of a small balloon.

  • Following simple numbing of the nasal area, the balloon is guided through your nose to the site of desired dilation
  • Once in place the balloon is inflated to open up or increase internasal space and/or treat nasal airway obstruction
  • After dilation of your nasal passage, the balloon is deflated and gently removed from your nose
Photo of male patient holding fingers to the sides of his nose, consulting with doctor


  • Minimally invasive treatment of nasal airway obstruction1
  • Outpatient procedure that can be performed in your doctor's office
  • With simple, anesthetic numbing, most patients report no major discomfort

“I started seeing results right away... I can breathe! I can breathe through my nose.”

– Susan

Talking about the benefits of treatment with RELIEVA TRACT®​

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Seeking treatment can help reduce any significant negative impact that your symptoms may cause on daily life and increase your quality of life.

  • NAO can significantly restrict airflow through the nose
  • Nasal breathing has health benefits vs. mouth breathing2
  • NAO can significantly compromise quality of life3
  • Difficulty with nasal breathing can affect daily activity and exercise as well as sleep

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