Patient Stories

The Accidental Patient: How a Handball Game Made a Johnson & Johnson Employee a Patient

Patient Stories

The Accidental Patient: How a Handball Game Made a Johnson & Johnson Employee a Patient

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It was a warm sunny July day at the park and the family had decided to play handball.  They were able to get a great volley going and the energy level was rising as the fun began.  This great shot was in sight and too irresistible for Johnson & Johnson employee, Theresa Scheuble to let slide by.  

Theresa made that amazing shot, but her effort came at a cost.  After hitting the ball, while attempting to slow her forward momentum, Theresa lost her balance and hit the wall of the court, ultimately breaking both of her wrists.

This fun family outing had turned into an unexpected visit to the emergency room.

Most trauma injuries are unexpected. Each day, people, just like Theresa, injure themselves while doing activities they enjoy.

In Theresa’s case, multiple fractures put her left wrist out of plane, requiring immediate surgery to give her the best chance of restoring full function. Her right wrist was also fractured, but only required a cast. Surgery was successful, but while both wrists were healing, Theresa had to curtail routine activities like driving.  This included her recent purchase of a little sports car she had hoped to enjoy for the beautiful summer months.  She was left to rely on others to assist with tasks she took for granted prior to the injury.  

Theresa’s surgeon used a DePuy Synthes Distal Radius Plate to repair her left wrist. Theresa was thrilled with the results and confident given her unique insights into her company’s products. The severe pain she experienced before surgery was literally gone once the implant was set and her wrist was back in plane.  She attributes her results to the skill of the surgeon and the quality of the DePuy Synthes product which was designed, developed, manufactured and tested by her Johnson & Johnson colleagues.

Theresa’s goal, like all patients dealing with a severely traumatic injury, was to eventually return to doing the things she enjoyed most.  She wanted to get back to enjoying time playing outdoor games with her family…and driving her little sports car.




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