A minimally invasive procedure that enables you to create space in the nasal cavity. 

Nasal Dilation

Nasal Dilation is a procedure performed with the RELIEVA TRACT™ Nasal Balloon Dilation System which provides increased intranasal space to facilitate access for endonasal and transnasal procedures.

Performing the nasal dilation procedure with the RELIEVA TRACT™ device may also obviate the need for an open traditional septoplasty, thereby making it easier to access the sinus and Eustachian tube in the office.

before and after nasal dilation

The Following Steps Outline the Nasal Dilation Process

Step 1: Locate the site of the desired dilation using endoscopy (flexible or rigid). Under endoscopic visualization, insert balloon through the corresponding nostril maintaining contact with the nasal floor and the lower septum. The proximal end of the balloon should be evenly positioned with the head of the inferior turbinate.

Step 2: Under endoscopic visualization, slowly inflate (approximately 1atm per second) the balloon to the desired pressure by monitoring pressure on the inflation device. During inflation, endoscopically visualize the diameter, shape, and position of the balloon. Ensure the balloon portion of the catheter is not positioned across the nostril and that it remains in close proximity to the nasal floor adjacent to the inferior turbinate and the lower half of the nasal septum.

Step 3: Deflate and remove the balloon catheter or reposition more posteriorly and re-inflate as needed to outfracture the entire lower turbinate.


Nasal Dilation Step 1


RELIEVA TRACT™ Balloon Dilation System. Instructions for Use. Irvine, CA: Acclarent, Inc. 2019. IFU005161 Rev A.


The RELIEVA TRACT™ Nasal Balloon Dilation System is an instrument intended to provide increased intranasal space to facilitate access for endonasal and trans-nasal procedures and/or temporarily address nasal obstruction by displacing the inferior turbinate and lower nasal septum. The RELIEVA TRACT™ Nasal Balloon Dilation System is intended for use in ages 17 years or older. Balloon dilation catheters should be used by or under supervision of physicians thoroughly trained in balloon dilation. A thorough understanding of the technical principles, clinical application, and risk associated with balloon dilation of the nasal passage is necessary before using this device.

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