Shoulder Fracture

DePuy Synthes is committed to anticipating your every need when it comes to treating Shoulder fractures. Click on our product offerings to learn more.

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Proximal Humerus Fracture Controversies: When to Plate, Nail or Replace?

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3.5 mm LCP® Periarticular Proximal Humerus Plate

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The 3.5MM LCP® Periarticular Proximal Humerus Plates are designed to target posterior fragments with posterior sweep and designed to reduce need for deltoid elevation with more anterior plate placement.

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Utility Of Continuous Compression Implant in a Transverse Clavicle Fracture

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Continuous Compression Implants for Trauma Applications

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DePuy Synthes’ Continuous Compression Implants (CCI) are low profile implants manufactured from nitinol, a shape memory metal, to continuously and dynamically keep bones compressed throughout the entire healing process.

Continuous Compression Implants for Trauma Applications

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