Balloon Sinuplasty Systems

Balloon Sinuplasty Systems

Using endoscopic techniques, the Balloon Sinuplasty system enables qualified Otolaryngologists to dilate obstructed sinus ostia and passageways in patients suffering from sinusitis. The system is based on flexible, over-the-wire design that allows a physician to: 

  • Navigate tortuous sinus anatomy with minimal trauma 

  • Confirm device location with the RELIEVA LUMA SENTRY® Sinus Illumination System focal light 

Balloon Sinuplasty: Advanced Technology in Action

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We are dedicated to supporting Otolaryngologists with minimally invasive ENT technologies that relieve suffering as effectively, and painlessly, as possible. We are proud to be developing and advancing innovative technology, including our Balloon Sinuplasty technology, which has been used by Otolaryngologists to treat over 535,000 patients.1 


1. Acclarent Procedural Data Collected on March 7, 2017



ACCLARENT® Balloon Sinuplasty Devices are intended for use by or under the direction of a physician who is trained in the use of Acclarent Technology.  

ACCLARENT® Balloon Sinuplasty Device use has described risks, including tissue and mucosal trauma, infection, or possible orbital injury. Prior to use, it is important to read the Instructions for Use and to understand the contraindications, warnings, and precautions associated with these devices, as well as all products mentioned on this resource. 
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