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ETHICON Digital Solutions is reimagining the surgical experience through an intelligent, integrated ecosystem powered by end-to-end connectivity and data-driven insights. We aim to provide surgeons with access to applications that support surgical proficiency before, during, and after procedures.

Designed to Address Unmet Needs Across the Quadruple Aim

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Aim 1
Enhance the Patient Experience

Support patient satisfaction and understanding by making medical intervention more personalized

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Aim 2
Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Leverage AI-driven technologies to develop an ecosystem in service of potentially improving outcomes

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Aim 3
Support Clinician Experiences

Enhance proficiency, help improve efficiency and support surgical decision-making

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Aim 4
Reduce Health System Costs

Increase efficiency across the continuum of care by leveraging integrated, connected technology



Create a Clear Roadmap for Surgery

ETHICON 3D Pre-operative Planning, powered by Visible Patient S.a.S., uses patients’ CT or MRI images to create interactive 3D models for organs such as lung, liver, colon, and kidney.

3D modeling provides enhanced visualization of anatomy1, resulting in:

  • 19% changes to surgical plans for video-assisted thoracoscopic anatomic segmentectomies (7/36), based on adequate resection margins.2
  • 19% change to surgical approach decisions of partial nephrectomy for renal tumors (24/125); 67% changed the approach from open to MIS.3

Hospitals, surgeons, and patients can benefit from reduced operative time, shortened patient length of stay and reduced complications with 3D modeling.4

C-SATS product tablet and phone interface


Unlocking Surgical Insights

The C-SATS product measures surgical skill through the capture, storage, and review of Minimally Invasive Surgery video to help improve surgical proficiency.

  • Crowd-sourced evaluations correlate favorably with expert review across a range of surgical specialties (general, urology, gynecology) and MIS approaches.5
  • Refinements in surgeon technical skills may result in cost savings for healthcare systems because of shorter procedure times, fewer readmissions and reduced patient complications.

We believe improving surgeon proficiency may lead to cost reductions for the hospital.


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Product Disclaimers

This VP Planning™ product is designed to be used by trained professionals (including physicians, surgeons, and technicians) and is intended to assist the clinician who is responsible for making all final clinical and patient management decisions. The accuracy of all measurements, calculations, and computations is dependent on native image quality for select anatomy. For complete indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse reactions, please reference Indications for Use and User Manual from the Visible Patient, S.a.S. website.

The C-SATS™ product is not a medical device. It is not intended to replace formal medical education or training. It is designed for use by licensed surgeons who recognize/accept the English language. The C-SATS product does not provide medical advice and nothing contained herein, or in the services delivered, shall be construed as medical advice. C-SATS, Inc. does not assume any responsibility for your use of the services or any aspect of health care administered based on your use of the C-SATS product.    

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