ECHELON™ 3000 Stapler

ECHELON™ 3000 Stapler

Every surgery is different because every patient is different—which is why we built this device. The ECHELON 3000 Stapler’s instinctive design can meet a wider range of variation, helping keep the focus solely on the patient.

ECHELON™ 3000 Stapler

About This Device

Our most advanced surgical stapling device, the ECHELON 3000 is used to staple and transect tissue across a variety of tissue types in both open and minimally invasive surgical procedures. It includes both powered firing and powered articulation for enhanced access & control1,2.

Related Procedures

LAR, Colectomy, Lobectomy, Wedge Resection, Segmentectomy, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass, Revisions

Specialties Supported

Colorectal, Thoracic, Bariatric, Urologic, General

Features & Benefits

With the greatest articulation span and widest jaw aperture among leading handheld staplers, the ECHELON 3000 Stapler can enable better access and more control so surgeons can take on even the most challenging situations and stick to the preoperative plan1,2.

Better access

Better access

With a 27% greater articulation span and a shorter articulation joint length3, the ECHELON 3000 gives you the range of motion needed when addressing challenging anatomy.

Easier placement

Easier placement

More easily place the stapler jaws on thick or challenging tissue with a 39% greater jaw aperture4.

More control

More control

One-handed, powered articulation with the ability to set the jaws to any point within the articulation span gives you more control when you need it most2.

Staple Line Integrity


Staple Line Integrity

Built to deliver the staple line security surgeons have come to expect from ECHELON staplers. Compared to Medtronic SigniaTM Stapling System in bench-top and preclinical testing, ECHELON 3000 demonstrated: Significantly fewer leaks at the staple line5, 66% fewer malformed staples in thick tissue6, 4x less slippage during firing7.

Real World Evidence: Design differences matter when it comes to performance and results. Since 2017, the use of ECHELON™ Powered Staplers has an association with reduced clinical complications, reduced hospital cost, & improved eciency8.


Included over 46,000 patients


Collected data from over 700 hospitals

9 Studies

Across 9 studies, 7 countries and 3 continents

Product Specifications

Product Code Description Jaw Length Shaft Length Quantity
ECH45C ECHELON™ 3000 45mm Compact 45mm 280mm 3
ECH45S ECHELON™ 3000 45mm Standard 45mm 340mm 3
ECH45L ECHELON™ 3000 45mm Long 45mm 440mm 3
ECH60C ECHELON™ 3000 60mm Compact 60mm 280mm 3
ECH60S ECHELON™ 3000 60mm Standard 60mm 340mm 3
ECH60L ECHELON™ 3000 60mm Long 60mm 440mm 3

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