PROWLER® microcatheter​ Family of Microcatheters

PROWLER® microcatheter​ Family of Microcatheters

Balance between stability and navagability.​

Close up image of the distal tip of the PROWLER Microcatheter

Proprietary Braid Construction​

Provides a balance of stability (braid section) and navigability (coil section)*​

Close up of the distal tip of the microcatheter with a down the barrel view of the microcatheter tip.

TRUELUMEN® Technology

Provides a consistent inner diameter throughout the length of the microcatheter

In-line marker bands provide a consistent profile and enhanced visibility under fluroscopy1

Illustrative image showing the four Microcatheter tip shapes available, straight, 45 degree, 90 degree and J Shape.

Accurate Tip Position

Shorter distal tip extending past the distal marker (as little as 0.5mm1) provides more accurate representation of tip position under fluroscopy1

Illustrative image showing the full device with multiple curves along the body of the device.

Precise Torqueability​

Exclusive core wire technology specially designed to deliver precise torque transmission, control and pushability​

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* For Prowler devices. ** For Prowler Select devices.​

  1. Structural limitations of currently available microcatheters and coils for endovascular coiling of very small aneurysms, Lim et al, Neuroradiology. 2008 May;50(5):423-7. Fig 1, © 2008 Springer; Used with kind permission from Springer Science and Business Media.​

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