Small Bone Power Tools

Small Battery Drive II

Product Codes:

532.110, 532.132, 532.103... View More

Small Bone Power Tools

Small Battery Drive II

Product Codes:

532.110, 532.132, 532.103... View More

The Small Battery Drive II is a compact1 and modular battery-driven surgical power tool system. It offers a comprehensive set of attachments and accessories for traumatology and small bone surgeries while an ergonomic1 design provides high working comfort1 with low hand fatigue during long procedures.

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About This Product

The Small Battery Drive II is designed for the use in traumatology and orthopedic surgery of the skeleton, i.e. drilling, reaming or cutting bone. 

The system includes:

  • A compact1 and ergonomic1 handpiece
  • Two trigger mechanisms for gradual speed regulation and mode selection
  • A 14.4 V Li-Ion Aseptic Battery with option to sterilize with STERRAD® and VPRO® systems
  • A dedicated2 washing basket 
  • A portfolio of drilling, reaming, and cutting attachments

Features & Benefits

Row of attachments

Versatile System with Broad Range of Attachments

  • Modular design to accept a wide range of attachments
  • Intuitive coupling designed for a quick attachment exchange
  • Attachments available for drilling, reaming, sawing and K-wire insertion
Small battery drive attachment ring

Innovative Reprocessing Solutions

Aseptic batteries with option to sterilize with STERRAD® and VPRO® systems

Small Battery Drive II with drilling attachment

Power-Driven Performance

  • EXPEDIUM™ Power provides surgeons and hospitals a simple solution for complex spine surgeries
  • The BPL II provides improved cutting speed and torque for better surgical outcomes (compared to surgeries without power tools)
Washing basket with handpieces and attachments

Dedicated2 Washing Basket

Dedicated2 Washing Basket designed for optimal cleaning and sterilization conditions for the complete system

Small battery drive handpiece


Available Attachments

Example of attachment

Drill Attachments

  • AO/ASIF Quick Coupling
  • 0.5-7.3mm clamping range
Example of attachment

Ream Attachments

  • AO/ASIF, Hudson, and Trinkle Quick Coupling available
  • Approximative maximal torque of 7.5 Nm
Example of saw attachment

Saw Attachments

  • Oscillating saw attachments available
  • Saw attachments are compatible with a large range of cutting blades
Example of attachment

Other Rotating Attachments

Additional available attachments include:

  • Mini Quick Coupling 
  • J-Latch Coupling 
  • Quick Coupling for Kirschner Wires  
  • Burr Attachment 
  • Radiolucent Drive with Attachment

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Specialties Supported

Foot & Ankle, Spine, Sports Medicine, Trauma & Extremities Craniomaxillofacial (CMF), Foot & Ankle, Spine, Sports Medicine, Trauma & Extremities


0–3,500 rpm 0-3,400 rpm


925 g 750 g


3.2 mm 3.2 mm

Product Number

532.110 05.001.601

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