VELYS™ Hip Navigation


VELYS™ Hip Navigation

The VELYS™ Hip Navigation platform helps surgeons bring technology-assisted hip replacement into their OR.  It provides surgeons with the latest innovations in navigation and analysis technologies like ONETRIAL™ Analysis and CUPTIMIZE™ Hip-Spine Analysis, so they can use real-time, actionable data designed to help improve surgical outcomes, all within the compact VELYS™ Hip Navigation unit. 

Image of hip x-ray display with VELYS Hip Navigation template overlay


Intra-Operative Analysis and Digital Templating

VELYS™ Hip Navigation offers a precise analysis of implant selection and positioning through easy-to-use non-invasive navigation, pre-operative digital templating, and case planning. 

VELYS™ Hip Navigation provides actionable, real-time data designed to help with increased accuracy and surgical reproducibility, reduced OR time, and improved patient outcomes. 

What Makes VELYS™ Hip Navigation Different 

Image of hip x-ray with an implant viewed in the ONETRIAL™ analysis screen

ONETRIAL™ Analysis Efficiency 

The ONETRIAL™ Efficiencies seeks to reduce OR time and fluoroscopy usage during hip replacement surgeries by providing surgeons with actionable surgical insights via real-time offset and leg-length data with a unique visual overlay.

Image of surgeon viewing a hip implant x-ray on the VELYS™ Hip Navigation system

CUPTIMIZE™ Hip-Spine Analysis 

A simple, x-ray–based digital tool that uses patient-specific data to help surgeons identify patients who may require unique cup placement or dual mobility designs to reduce potential dislocation risks due to abnormal pelvic tilt. 

Image of surgical team analyzing implant position in an operating room

Surgical Flexibility 

The VELYS™ Hip Navigation System fits seamlessly into existing hip replacement workflow, with minimal OR footprint, and provides cloud-based case management and streamlined case planning using the VELYS™ Hip Navigation calendar. 

ONETRIAL™ final analysis chart circle


ONETRIAL™ Analysis 

ONETRIAL™ Analysis provides real-time offset and leg-length calculation at trial reduction and auto-calculates the change to leg length and offset for all implant combinations in an easy-to-read chart. 

ONETRIAL™ combines data with a simple two-image visual overlay to provide actionable data with reduced OR time and fluoroscopy usage. 

Introducing CUPTIMIZE™ Hip-Spine Analysis

CUPTIMIZE™ Hip-Spine Analysis, a surgical planning feature in VELYS™ Hip Navigation, is a simple, x-ray–based digital tool that uses patient-specific data to help surgeons assess dislocation risk following total hip replacement (THR) surgery and identify patients who may require unique cup placement or dual mobility design. 

CUPTIMIZE™ Hip-Spine Analysis Benefits 

As part of VELYS™ Hip Navigation, CUPTIMIZE™ Hip-Spine Analysis can help surgeons optimize their pre-op and post-op processes with features such as….

Pre-op screenshot

Risk Assessment

  • Simple, digital screening tool analyzes x-rays of the patient when standing and sitting  

  • Designed to be easy to use and convenient 

CUPTIMIZE™ Hip-Spine Analysis with Surgeon

Efficient Technology

  • No long wait times: Risk analysis can be conducted in minutes. 
  • No additional engineering staff needed: Registration can be conducted by the surgeon or a DePuy Synthes sales representative  
  • No advanced imaging: Only requires x-rays 
Cup Check

Personalized Cup Position 

  • Data-driven decisions with Hip-Spine Analysis, cup position analysis, and specific cup position target  
  • Designed to personalize cup position and stability  
  • Designed to identify patients with abnormal pelvic tilt, and surgeons may choose to use dual mobility implants 

On-Demand Learning

Supporting Documentation


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