ANSPACH™ High-Speed Power Tools 


ANSPACH™ High-Speed Power Tools 

The advanced design of each instrument in the ANSPACH™ High-Speed Orthopaedic Power Tool portfolio provides effortless assembly while giving surgeons the performance and reliability they need for even the most demanding surgical applications.  

ANSPACH™ Power Tools utilizes 40+ years of cutting technology advancements to ensure that all products meet our quality and performance standards. 

High-Speed Products 

DePuy Synthes’ EG1™ High Speed Electric System

EG1™ High-Speed Electric System 

The ANSPACH™ EG1™ High Speed Electric System combines ANSPACH™ Power Tool precision with higher power. This system provides 30% more power than the ANSPACH™ XMAX™ and EMAX™ 2 Plus Systems to improve cutting efficiency and performance for cranium, otology, and spine surgeries.1 

DePuy Synthes’ EMAX™ 2 Plus System

ANSPACH™ EMAX™ 2 Plus Electric System 

The ANSPACH™ EMAX™ 2 Plus System is a versatile system, allowing for operation by hand or foot and compatible with various attachments. This allows surgeons to perform smooth, efficient operations with precision and comfort.   

Discover XMAX™ High Speed Pneumatic System

ANSPACH™ XMAX™ Pneumatic System 

The XMAX™ Pneumatic System features a purely mechanical design and integrated oiling system for the foot control, making it simple to set up and operate without having to use additional cartridges.  

It’s compatible with ANSPACH EMAX 2 Plus System attachments. 

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Product Service Care

Our experienced customer care team offers reliable technical support for our products. With experienced technical support, trusted field service engineers, and flexible service care agreements, DePuy Synthes Service Care is committed to servicing our customers with exemplary support.


Please refer to the instructions for use for a complete list of indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions. 

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