Health System Customer Programs

Healthy Workforce

Health System Customer Programs

Healthy Workforce

Clinicians are the heart of healthcare. So why are they leaving their professions in record numbers? Burnout and disengagement are key reasons. The Johnson & Johnson Healthy Workforce employee engagement offerings are designed to work with health systems to help address this problem.

Burnout & Disengagement Can Impact Multiple Areas

Burnout & Disengagement Can Impact Multiple Areas

Burnout is defined as an internal reaction to external stressors, which can lead to emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a diminished sense of accomplishment1. Burnout is the most extreme form of disengagement.

The healthcare industry is experiencing an all-time high of physician2 burnout (54%) and nurse3 burnout (70%). If your employees are disengaged, unhealthy or burned out, the negative implications to your health system’s productivity and efficiency standards are substantial.

Evidence-Based Framework Designed to Dramatically Improve Employee Engagement

Evidence-Based Framework Designed to Dramatically Improve Employee Engagement

What does it take to create a healthy, engaged workforce, and combat physician and nurse burnout? A comprehensive employee engagement strategy must be executed through the lens of the individual, team, and leadership. It's programs and policies should include the following critical categories:

  1. Health & Wellbeing
  2. Organizational Environment
  3. Professional Fulfillment
  4. Interpersonal Relationships

The Johnson & Johnson Healthy Workforce Offerings*

Developed specifically for healthcare

health and well being

Flagship training programs include:  

Performance - Helping people transform the way they approach energy management to achieve sustained high performance.

Resilience – Teaching people how to assess and manage stress in a new way, so they become more equipped to handle stress and prevent burnout.

interpersonal relationships

Clinician to patient communication skills training designed to help health care professionals increase patient engagement and improve self-management.

organizational environment

Reference tool to share ideas and best practices based on the activities, policies, and procedures implemented within Johnson & Johnson that have helped drive our robust, award-winning employee engagement.

professional fulfillment

The Johnson & Johnson Institute harnesses the size, reach, collective resources and passion of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies to support the professional growth of those who care for others.

Delivering Results

Success story: Wellness programs used with Johnson & Johnson employees.

Learn how a short, intensive workplace wellness intervention produced sustained improvements in well-being.

The Power of Resilience. Learn How Reframing Stress Can Fuel Performance.

What’s Your Purpose?  Learn about the Power of Purpose.

Implementing Energy Management at a large consulting firm.

The Human Performance Institute Brings Decades of Experience

  • 30+ years of delivering programs that help drive improved well-being, performance, & engagement for people in high-stress environments.
  • Broad dissemination within healthcare systems, as well as throughout the Johnson & Johnson workforce
  • Deep expertise in principles of behavior science


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3. ( 
* Costs Associated