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Infection Risk Management

Health System Customer Programs

Infection Risk Management

Provides evidence-based practices aimed to address risk factors for bloodstream infections (BSIs) and surgical site infections (SSIs) through the appropriate use of JJMDC devices, including patient resources to facilitate optimal wound healing post-surgery.

Target Infection. Focus on Prevention. 

50% of SSIs and BSIs account for more than half of the total annual costs associated with the most common HAIs1

Due to pay-for-performance programs under the ACA†, infections put over 6% of a facility’s inpatient Medicare reimbursement at risk2,3 

The Joint Commission's National Patient Safety Goals 07.04.01 and 07.05.01 assess a facility's evidence-based policies and practices aimed at reducing the risk of BSIs and SSIs4


  • Clinical experts conduct confidential analyses of current clinical practices to help identify potential risks for SSIs and BSIs in your facility 
  • Customized plans to help healthcare providers implement evidence-based infection prevention strategies utilizing JJMDC devices and drive compliance with facility policies 
  • Educational resources designed to engage patients in their care from pre-admission through discharge 


  • Address risk factors for costly infections through the appropriate utilization of JJMDC devices 
  • Reduce variation in clinical practices and purchasing patterns 
  • Enhance engagement of patients and staff throughout an episode of care  

Needs Identification

  1. Your team shares your infection risk management goals with the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies (JJMDC) 
  2. Together, your team and JJMDC define areas to assess for potential gaps in infection prevention practices that can be addressed by the appropriate utilization of JJMDC devices 
  3. JJMDC clinical nurse specialist conducts a confidential, on-site analysis of current practices in your facility 
  4. Based on assessment findings, JJMDC provides tailored recommendations to address infection risks 
  5. Your team and JJMDC agree on training and education plans to address top needs, and establish metrics to track progress 


    Delivering Results

    After 6-months, the IDN achieved its goals to standardize practices across facilities, implement evidence-based infection control practices, and identify potential risks for infection.

    The IDN collected data on SSI rates for a period of 10 months.

    These are examples only and do not guarantee or predict future results, which will vary depending on individual circumstances.

    Reduction in SSI rates for hip, knee, colon, and hysterectomy surgeries at the participating facilities (over 10 months)6


    Line item fill rate (LIFR)5


    Clinicians educated on evidence-based infection prevention protocols6


    See How We’ve Helped

    We tailor our capabilities to customers in a variety of settings to produce concrete results.

    Helped 25-facility IDN address risks for surgical site infections and bloodstream infections.

    Helped 25-facility IDN address risks for surgical site infections and bloodstream infections.


    *HAIs = Healthcare-associated infections
    † ACA = Affordable Care Act

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