Health System Customer Programs

Perioperative Efficiency

Health System Customer Programs

Perioperative Efficiency

Reduce variation in clinical processes and operational costs by streamlining  movement of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies (JJMDC) devices through the surgical services and sterile processing departments.

Decrease Complexity. Improve Quality.

The average cost per minute of operating room time in U.S. hospital is $621

Operating room costs can account for up to 35% of total hospital costs

Perioperative inefficiency is linked with increased costs, decreased patient satisfaction and, most importantly, increased patient morbidity, with rates reported as high as 42.4%

As health systems continue to look for ways to reduce costs without compromising patient care, the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies (JJMDC) can support these goals by bringing expertise from across the broad JJMDC portfolio. 


  • Tailored approaches to help reduce variation in planning and preparing for surgical procedures 

  • Proprietary tools and clinical specialists to streamline utilization of JJMDC devices 

  • Programs to manage JJMDC devices in the operating room and sterile processing department 


  • Standardize surgical scheduling, optimizing the processes to procure and use JJMDC products in the operative environment 

  • Lower carrying cost and physical footprint of inventory through product standardization 

  • Improve labor productivity by reducing the number of products and instrument trays that need to be tracked, cleaned, or managed 

Needs Identification 

  1. Your perioperative team shares efficiency goals and priorities, providing a starting point on potential areas of opportunities 

  2. Together, your team and JJMDC review data, align on mutual areas of focus, and define clear goals and responsibilities related to the JJMDC portfolio 

  3. JJMDC professionals with expertise in perioperative processes perform an on-site assessment to obtain additional insights to help align JJMDC’s capabilities with your specific needs 

  4. Based on assessment findings, JJMDC provides tailored recommendations to address your needs 

  5. Your team and JJMDC agree on an implementation plan to address top needs, and establish metrics to track progress



Delivering Results

These are examples only and do not guarantee or predict future results, which will vary depending on individual circumstances.

Reduction in number of suture SKUs stocked3


Decrease in OR setup/turnaround time4


Annual savings related to instrument tray sterilization costs4



See How We’ve Helped

We tailor our capabilities to customers in a variety of settings to produce concrete results.

Case Studies & Infographics

Collaborated with Scripps Health to streamline Ethicon suture inventory management to achieve significant savings.

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Helped Northeast health system improve operating room efficiency by revamping suture inventory.

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Partnered with Arizona-based hospital to improve operating room efficiencies in spine surgery.

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Collaborated with UCSF to improve OR efficiencies for total knee and hip arthroplasty.

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