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 EG1 handpiece

ANSPACH™ EG1™ High Speed Electric System

The ANSPACH™ EG1™ High Speed Electric System offers variable speed, bidirectional operation and minimal sound levels for bone cutting procedures. It is designed to provide high cutting precision for neuro, spine, and otology/neurotology applications.  

Related Models: MIDAS REX MR8 High-Speed Drill System (Medtronic) 

ANSPACH™ EG1™ High Speed Electric System

EMAX 2 Handpiece

ANSPACH™ EMAX™ 2 Plus System

The EMAX™ 2 Plus System is the ultimate high-powered, lightweight1,2, small bone cutting system. Designed for surgeon comfort, this lightweight1,2 device gives surgeons the flexibility1,3,7, power, and low noise they need for long, complex neurosurgery and spinal procedures.

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ANSPACH™ EMAX™ 2 Plus System

ANSPACH XMAX handpiece

ANSPACH™ XMAX™ Drill High Speed Pneumatic System

The ANSPACH™ XMAX™ Surgical Drill brings powerful high-speed pneumatic performance to the ANSPACH™ Surgical Drill line for small bone. The XMAX™ Drill provides the power and precision surgeons need for neurosurgery, neurotology, and spinal procedures.

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ANSPACH™ XMAX™ Drill High Speed Pneumatic System

MatrixORBITAL™ Preformed Orbital Plate

MatrixORBITAL™ Preformed Orbital Plates

The preformed MatrixORBITAL™ Plates in combination with MatrixMIDFACE™ Screws provide internal fixation solutions for orbital floor and/or medial orbital wall fractures.

MatrixORBITAL™ Preformed Orbital Plates

MatrixMIDFACE™ Plating System

MatrixMIDFACE™ Plating System

The MatrixMIDFACE™ Plating System provides internal fixation solutions for craniomaxillofacial trauma reconstruction procedures.

MatrixMIDFACE™ Plating System

TRUMATCH CMF Personalized Solutions cranial implant shown implanted in human skull

TRUMATCH™ CMF PEEK Milled Implants

TRUMATCH™ CMF PEEK Milled Implants are made of PEEK (Polyetheretherketone), a lightweight material with bone-like stiffness and strength.

TRUMATCH™ CMF PEEK Milled Implants

Explore Craniomaxillofacial Solutions

Skull showing facial fractures treated with MatrixMANDIBLE and MatrixMIDFACE plates and screws

Maxillofacial Trauma & Reconstruction

Comprehensive solutions that address fractures of the mandible, maxilla, and the midface including orbital fractures and fractures of the zygoma, as well as reconstructive procedures.

Skull showing cranial fractures treated with MatrixNEURO plates, meshes, and screws

Cranial Trauma & Reconstruction

DePuy Synthes offers a range of solutions for the surgical repair of a defect or deformity of the cranium due to trauma, congenital defects or abnormalities.

Baby mandible treated with CMF distractor and woman face showing orthognathic implants

Deformities Correction

DePuy Synthes Craniomaxillofacial (CMF) offers a variety of solutions for deformity correction through orthognathic and distraction procedures.

Skull showing personalized Titanium 3D Printed and PEEK Milled Implants, and Matrix plates and screws

TRUMATCH™ CMF Personalized Solutions

Advanced personalized solutions  for complex trauma and reconstructions through integrating of virtual surgical planning, intraoperative surgical tools and implants.*

TRUMATCH™ CMF and Orthognatics

Learn more about TRUMATCH™ CMF and the Orthognathics offering.