Asking for Help

Asking for Help

Asking for HelpYou probably know that you’ll need some help after surgery. At the very least, you will need someone to drive you home from the hospital. But did you know that having social support is tied to better results with weight loss? Now is the time to think about which people in your life may be willing to give you physical, emotional, or practical support. You’ll need their help as you get ready for surgery. And in the months after surgery, when you’re working hard to stick to your diet and exercise routines, it may be helpful to have your “team” to cheer you on. Building your support team now means fewer things to worry about as surgery grows near.

These are some of the types of support you may want before and after your surgery:

  • Physical: Your diet and exercise plans may be challenging, especially when you have to dedicate yourself to them over the long haul. Your friends and family can help you stick to it by being your workout buddy, or helping you cook healthier meals.
  • Emotional: Surgery and recovery is a long process, and you may experience many ups and downs along the way. Having someone on your side can be a big help, even if the support is just being there for you to talk to.
  • Practical: There is a lot to keep track of when you’re having bariatric surgery. The people in your life can offer you support by taking you to doctor’s appointments, reminding you to take your medications, or helping with housework as you recover.

Here are some tips that can help you get the support you need from your friends and family:

  1. Know what you need, before and after surgery. Are your needs more physical, emotional, or practical? Many times people need a combination of all three in order to be the most successful.
  2. Ask for support. Sometimes friends and family members want to help but they aren’t sure how - or if you even want help. Speaking up and asking for what you need may sound simple, but it's an important step. Ask for specific things so loved ones know exactly what you need.
  3. Thank those that help you. Always aim for an attitude of gratitude. Make sure your supporters know they’re appreciated and loved. A simple thank-you after your surgery can go a long way.