Real-time insights through intra-operative analysis and digital templating

VELYS™ Hip Navigation offers precise analysis of implant selection and positioning through easy-to-use non-invasive navigation, pre-operative digital templating and case planning.

VELYS Hip Navigation provides actionable, real-time data designed to help with increased accuracy and surgical reproducibility, reduced OR time, and improved patient outcomes.

Key Features

OneTrial image on monitor Next Generation Navigation

ONETRIAL™ Analysis Efficiency

Designed to combine data with a visual overlay to provide actionable data for implant selection and potentially reduce OR time and fluoroscopy usage.

Surgeon and Nurse view image on monitor

Next Generation Navigation

Non-invasive hip navigation with the potential to improve outcomes and reduce surgical outliers.

Closeup of surgeon in the OR

Surgical Flexibility

Fits seamlessly into existing hip replacement workflow, with minimal OR footprint.

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VELYS Hip Navigation - Dr. Kollmorgen Clinical Study Summary

VELYS Hip Navigation Surgeon Brochure

VELYS Hip Navigation Study Summary

VELYS™ Hip Navigation Value Analysis Brief

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