Knee Arthroscopy

A minimally invasive surgical approach that allows the surgeon to see inside the knee and carry out procedures through a small incision.

Knee Arthroscopy
knee x ray


Arthroscopic surgery can be used to diagnose and treat knee injuries. This minimally invasive approach to surgery can help speed recovery, reduce pain and minimize scarring, when compared with traditional open surgery1.

Knee Arthroscopy

What Are My Treatment Options?

Arthroscopy uses a device called an arthroscope. This small, pen-shaped instrument has a miniature video camera attached to the end. The arthroscope is inserted through a small incision in the knee.


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Important Safety Information

The success of the knee arthroscopy procedure depends on age, weight, activity level and other factors. There are potential risks and recovery takes time. People with conditions limiting rehabilitation should not have this surgery. Only an orthopaedic surgeon can tell if knee arthroscopy is right for you.

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