The Next Generation of Professional Education

DePuy Synthes is providing the next generation in education and training to support the next chapter in robotics. By blending traditional training modalities with newer technologies like virtual reality, novel surgical simulation models, and a dedicated learning management system, DePuy Synthes are able to bring training closer to the clinical setting enabling a more flexible team-based education experience.

Image showing three people wearing Virtual reality headgears

Next Generation Technology – Virtual Reality​

Virtual Reality (VR) takes surgical training to the next level. Our VELYS™ Robotic-Assisted Solution surgical modules are designed to support and guide surgical teams through a VR enabled three-dimensional operating environment that mirrors the OR experience for both surgeons and OR teams.

It also provides opportunities for worldwide collaboration for surgeons in different locations. The VELYS™ Robotic-Assisted Solution has been developed to support training for surgeons as well as the whole OR team.

Central portal

Personalised Education Journey within Central Portal​

Throughout the journey — from independent learning to peer-to-peer engagements to virtual reality and hands-on training​ opportunities — we are committed to delivering interactive​ educational content and experiences that will prepare your teams​ for the OR.

A personalised learning plan tracks all educational activities in a​ central portal, allowing easy visibility and access to training​ activities and progress monitoring.

Image of a fusetech model in a lab.

Novel Surgical Simulation Technologies

Embracing the latest in 3d printing technology, DePuy Synthes is utilising lifelike anatomical models to replicate specific pathologies without the inherent risks and limitations associated with cadaveric specimens.

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