Johnson & Johnson MedTech Announces the Polyphonic™ Digital Ecosystem for a More Connected Surgical Experience  

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First release offers applications and features including surgical video editing and publishing, surgical case management, procedure planning, and surgical telepresence   

Polyphonic in use in select hospital sites through beta program with general availability targeted in 2025

New Brunswick, N.J. (June 20, 2024) – Johnson & Johnson MedTech today unveiled Polyphonic™, the open and secure digital ecosystem for a more connected surgical experience. The ecosystem features software applications that are agnostic to data sources and focused on delivering insights when and where they matter most, with future releases offering an open and secure development platform and marketplace for curated digital solutions.

The first release, available now for select hospitals, features Polyphonic Solutions applications for surgical video, telepresence, and planning to help surgeons and surgical teams increase collaboration within an integrated, user-focused solution purpose-built for healthcare.

“What’s next in surgery is a more connected experience for patients, healthcare teams, and hospitals as we bring forward the value of surgical data,” said Hani Abouhalka, Company Group Chairman, Surgery, Johnson & Johnson MedTech. “Building on our extensive network of surgical technologies and surgical software solutions deployed in operating rooms around the world, we are prioritizing collaboration and open innovation for a more human, more adaptive, and more connected surgery experience.” 

Polyphonic ecosystem first release targets significant volume of surgical video data  

In surgery, software solutions that analyze data have the potential to help surgical teams increase collaboration, connect with other experts, and securely share content for greater surgical proficiency.

The first release of the Polyphonic ecosystem focuses on the value of video – a significant source of data in surgery today. With one minute of surgical video equal to more than 25 times the amount of data in one high-resolution CT image1, the potential is in helping surgeons better manage, tag, edit, and securely share de-identified video to improve workflow and collaboration before, during, and after surgery. Other first release features include telepresence and case planning capabilities to help address collaboration, peer-training, and the efficiency of OR workflow.

As part of the beta program for select hospitals, Meander Medical Centre in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, is utilizing Polyphonic during surgeries today. 

“Digital will revolutionize the future of surgery,” said Dr. Ivo Broeders2, Surgeon and AI Lab Leader at Meander Medical Centre. “We proudly stand as pioneers in the digital realm and are excited to be testing this promising software solution. Together with Johnson & Johnson MedTech, we are shaping the future of surgical excellence and paving the way for transformative advancements in healthcare.”

Future Releases of the Polyphonic Ecosystem for Open, Connected Surgery

Future releases will target the broader digital surgery ecosystem with the Polyphonic Studio for creators and developers and the Polyphonic Store to offer secure access to curated digital solutions.  

Polyphonic Studio will build on a secure operating environment to offer data management, advanced analytics, edge compute and connectivity, and design and developer toolkits to make it easier for creators and developers to create and scale software solutions for surgery. The Studio will deliver artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, leveraging Johnson & Johnson MedTech’s work with NVIDIA to scale AI for surgery.  

The Polyphonic Store will bring together curated software solutions in a secure marketplace for Johnson & Johnson MedTech as well as third-party innovation.  

“Innovation is accelerating in surgery as medical experts and technologists see the opportunity to improve outcomes by delivering insights at-scale,” said Shan Jegatheeswaran, Global Vice President, Digital, Johnson & Johnson MedTech. “We are extending our long-standing expertise in surgery to create Polyphonic, which offers the technologies that surgeons are asking for today to enable key use cases while building the more open, connected future of digital in surgery.”

The Polyphonic ecosystem3 is available in early access to select hospitals only.  To request further information and stay informed, visit

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  2. Dr. Broeders is a paid consultant for Johnson & Johnson MedTech.
  3. The Polyphonic™ digital ecosystem is not intended to direct surgery, or aid diagnosis or treatment of a disease or condition.




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