At DePuy Synthes, our mission is to keep people moving through innovations in orthopaedic surgery, support and education for providers, and a dedication to improving diversity, inclusivity, and equality throughout the healthcare system. 
With new advancements in orthopaedic devices, medical technology, and digital surgery across the continuum of care, we are proud to provide surgeons with solutions as diverse as their patients.

What's New

ATTUNE knee system

ATTUNE™ Knee System

The ATTUNE™ Primary Knee System is designed with the goal of addressing the clinical needs of patients, surgeons, and hospital providers around the world. Extensive research and science is included in the design to improve functional outcomes for patients1, performance for surgeons, and efficiency for providers. The ATTUNE Knee is a comprehensive, integrated knee system.


TIGHT-N™ Anchor

The TIGHT-N™ Anchor is the next generation of tendon fixation intended to protect the tendon from wrap and laceration, to sit sub-cortically for high-strength fixation, to leverage the benefits of an inlay technique, all in an implant designed for ease-of-use. 

INHANCE Shoulder System

Redefining Shoulder Replacement with INHANCE™

The INHANCE™ Shoulder System is our latest innovation in shoulder replacement technology.

INHANCE™ offers a stemless implant and ONE STEP PREP™ Glenoid, which work together to create a streamlined, efficient surgical process.

Developed in close collaboration with shoulder surgeons around the world, it’s designed to correct long-standing inefficiencies in shoulder arthroplasty while advancing patient care.