At DePuy Synthes, our mission is to keep people moving through innovations in orthopaedic surgery, support and education for providers, and a dedication to improving diversity, inclusivity, and equality throughout the healthcare system. 
With new advancements in orthopaedic devices, medical technology, and digital surgery across the continuum of care, we are proud to provide surgeons with solutions as diverse as their patients.

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Sports Medicine: Movement Solutions for Athletes
Sports Medicine: Movement Solutions for Athletes

At DePuy Synthes, we strive to be the healthcare professional’s partner of choice in the treatment of soft tissue injury or disease. So, whether your patients are weekend warriors or the next Olympians, we can offer you a comprehensive portfolio of equipment and other solutions to care for shoulders, knees, hips, and small joints.

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Meet Your New Trauma & Extremities Product Companion - Sam
Meet Your New Trauma & Extremities Product Companion - Sam

Head over to our Trauma & Extremities page to see how Sam can help you browse products by anatomy with just a few clicks. While you're there, you can also access our on-demand learning resources and explore our full portfolio of Trauma & Extremities solutions.

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Discover the UNIUM Next Generation Small Bone and Trauma Platform
Discover the UNIUM Next Generation Small Bone and Trauma Platform

The UNIUM™ System** was designed and developed in partnership with the AO Foundation*** with a commitment to ergonomics, reliability and efficiency so that the focus remains on the outcome, without distraction.1, 3

UNIUM System is powered by an innovative power unit technology that prevents electronic components from being submitted to sterilization, thus promoting longer lifetime, reliability and sustainability.2,4

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Redefining Shoulder Replacement with INHANCE™
Redefining Shoulder Replacement with INHANCE™

The INHANCE™ Shoulder System is our latest innovation in shoulder replacement technology.

INHANCE™ offers a stemless implant and ONE STEP PREP™ Glenoid, which work together to create a streamlined, efficient surgical process.

Developed in close collaboration with shoulder surgeons around the world, it’s designed to correct long-standing inefficiencies in shoulder arthroplasty while advancing patient care.

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R10 Years of Innovation with ATTUNE™ Knee System
10 Years of Innovation with ATTUNE™ Knee System

ATTUNE™ Knee System celebrates a decade of innovation! Designed to work in harmony with the patient’s anatomy, ATTUNE Components have been used in over 1.8 million surgeries across the globe since 2013.

Today, ATTUNE Knee procedures can be done in combination with VELYS™ Robotic-Assisted Solution and Patient-Specific Techniques to get patients back to knee function sooner.

10 years of Evolution with ATTUNE

ATTUNE Knee System Evidence

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About DePuy Synthes

DePuy Synthes, the Orthopaedics Company of Johnson & Johnson, provides one of the most comprehensive Orthopaedics portfolios in the world that helps heal and restore movement for the millions of patients we serve. DePuy Synthes solutions, in specialties including joint reconstruction, trauma, craniomaxillofacial, spinal surgery and sports medicine, in addition to the VELYS™ Digital Surgery portfolio, are designed to advance patient care while delivering clinical and economic value to health care systems worldwide. 

Building on our proud product innovation and legacy of industry firsts, we are reimagining the orthopaedic landscape with new advancements in medical technologies and digital surgery across the entire continuum of care to Keep People Moving today and tomorrow.

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Upcoming Events

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*Compared to suture button constructs. 
** Bench testing may not be predictive of clinical performance. Sample size of n=8. Percentages and ratios based on averages. Attributes evaluated include fixation strength (load at 2mm), displacement and stiffness. P-value ≤ 0.001.  

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Indication Statement 

The FIBULINK® Syndesmosis Repair Kit is intended as an adjunct in fracture repair involving metaphyseal and periarticular small bone fragments where screws are not indicated and as an adjunct to fixation systems involving plates, with fracture braces and casting. Specifically, the FIBULINK Syndesmosis Repair Kit is intended to provide fixation during the healing process following a syndesmotic trauma, such as fixation of syndesmosis (syndesmosis disruptions) in connection with Weber B and C ankle fractures. 
Use of the FIBULINK® Syndesmosis Repair Kit is contraindicated in the presence of an acute local infection.