Device Specifications and Comparisons

ENDOLOOP™ Ligature made with PDS™ II Suture or Coated VICRYL™ Suture are intended for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation involving endoscopic suturing when the use of absorbable suture is appropriate.

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ENDOLOOP Ligature blank image

ENDOLOOP™ Ligature

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  • EJ10G - ENDOLOOP™ Ligature made with Coated VICRYL™
  • EZ10G - ENDOLOOP™ Ligature made with PDS™ II


Ligature in plastic tube

Ligature Size


Suture Length

18 in.

Ligature Material

  • EJ10G - Coated VICRYL™
  • EZ10G - PDS™ II

Ligature Absorption Rate

  • EJ10G - 56-70 days
  • EZ10G - 182-238 days

Quantity per Box