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SPECTRUM® Smooth Round Implants

Catalog #Temp Vol.Min. Vol.Min. Final Vol.Min. Diam.Min. Proj.Max. Final Vol.Max. Diam.Proj.
350-1410125 cc105 cc125 cc9.4 cm2.7 cm150 cc9.3 cm3.2 cm
350-1420175 cc150 cc175 cc10.3 cm3.1 cm210 cc10.2 cm3.8 cm
350-1430225 cc190 cc225 cc10.8 cm3.5 cm270 cc10.9 cm4.3 cm
350-1440275 cc230 cc275 cc11.6 cm3.8 cm330 cc11.5 cm4.6 cm
350-1450325 cc275 cc325 cc12.4 cm4.0 cm390 cc12.1 cm4.9 cm
350-1460375 cc320 cc375 cc13.5 cm4.1 cm450 cc13.0 cm4.9 cm
350-1470425 cc360 cc425 cc14.0 cm4.2 cm510 cc13.7 cm4.8 cm
350-1480475 cc405 cc475 cc14.3 cm4.4 cm570 cc13.8 cm5.4 cm
350-1485525 cc450 cc525 cc15.0 cm4.4 cm630 cc14.4 cm5.6 cm
350-1490575 cc490 cc575 cc14.7 cm4.8 cm690 cc14.2 cm6.0 cm

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