PROWLER® EX Microcatheter​

PROWLER® EX Microcatheter​

The PROWLER® EX Microcatheter is a variable stiffness, single lumen catheter designed to access small, tortuous vasculature. The catheter has a hydrophilic coating to provide lubricity for navigation of vessels. The inner lumen is lined with lubricious PTFE to facilitate movement of guidewires and other devices.​

Close up image of the braid construction used to provide a balance of stability and navigability.

Proprietary Braid Construction​

Provides a balance of stability (braid section) and navigability (coil section)1

illustrative image of the PROWLER EX Microcatheter snaking and looping

TRUELUMEN® Technology​

Provides a consistent inner diameter throughout the length of the microcatheter​

In-line marker bands provide a consistent profile and enhanced visibility under fluroscopy2

illustrative image of the Prowler EX Microcatheter deployed within an anatomical model.

Accurate Tip Position​

Shorter distal tip extending past the distal marker (as little as 0.5mm1) provides more accurate representation of tip position under fluroscopy2

Illustrative image showing two microcatheters in a flexibility test with one arching higher and the other flexing more with a lower arch depicting greater flexibility vs greater support.

Precise Torqueability​

Exclusive core wire technology specially designed to deliver precise torque transmission, control and pushability​

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