Advancing the Standard of Care for Spine Surgery Patients with the CONDUIT™ Interbody Platform

surgeon wearing a visor

Patients living with spine conditions deal with a range of challenges in their day-to-day lives from experiencing pain to difficulty accomplishing simple tasks. Surgeons who perform spinal fusion surgeries also face challenges and difficulties in treating these complicated conditions. We are committed to developing medical devices that will help surgeons overcome these challenges so their patients can lead the most comfortable and productive lives possible.  The CONDUIT™ Interbody Platform is an excellent example of how DePuy Synthes is expanding its portfolio by bringing more solutions to the market so innovative options are consistently made available to surgeons to suit their patients’ unique needs.

The CONDUIT Interbody Platform is used in cases where patients need to undergo spinal fusion surgery. During spinal fusion, a degenerated, collapsed disc is removed and replaced with an interbody spacer along with bone graft with the goal of restoring natural height and alignment between two vertebrae. The concept is to replace the former mobile disc space between two vertebrae with an interbody spacer so that the segment fuses as a single, solid bone.


The implants within the CONDUIT Interbody Platform are designed to help facilitate fusion during spinal fusion surgeries. “This is our first 3D printed implant offering that incorporates porous cellular titanium material designed to mimic trabecular bone,” said David Gerber, Director, Research & Development, DePuy Synthes Spine, describing what makes this device different. “The 3D printed design of the cellular titanium material offers optimized porosity, pore size and surface texture to facilitate fusion.”

Thanks to 3D printing technology, the implants in the CONDUIT Interbody Platform have an 80% porous titanium surface that more closely resembles natural bone . “My experience with CONDUIT has been in both the lumbar and cervical spine,” said Dr. Wilson Z. Ray, Neurological Surgeon, St. Louis, Missouri. “The implant allows for superior visualization, virtually no scatter on CT scan and early fusion assessment as compared to other titanium interbody devices.”

We are thrilled to add this offering to our spine portfolio, and we hope that this technology helps patients see better health outcomes. Do you have additional questions about the CONDUIT Interbody Platform? Learn more.

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