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DePuy Synthes Spine SYMPHONY™ Occipito-Cervico-Thoracic (OCT) System

Symphony™ OCT System

The DePuy Synthes Spine SYMPHONY™ Occipito-Cervico-Thoracic (OCT) System is an enhanced set of instruments and implants designed to address unmet needs in fixation, alignment, targeting and extension for posterior stabilization of the upper spine. The implants provide the flexibility required to accommodate variations in patient anatomy.1

DePuy Synthes’ SENTIO™ MMG for spine surgery


SENTIO™ MMG is a first-of-its-kind digital nerve assessment technology that offers a solution to the challenges of EMG for intraoperative neuromonitoring.2-5 The device provides information directly to surgeons to help assess patients’ neurophysiologic status by measuring and comparing MMG signals during surgical procedures.

DePuy Synthes’ CONDUIT™ Interbody Platform for spine surgery

CONDUIT™ Interbody Platform

DePuy Synthes’ 3D-printed EIT cellular titanium implants feature 80% porous macro-, micro- and nanostructures, are designed to mimic the published properties of bone.6

DePuy Synthes FIBERGRAFT™ Family of Products

FIBERGRAFT™ Family of Products

The core technology of FIBERGRAFT™ Bone Graft Substitutes is the nano- and microfiber-based matrix of bioactive glass. These fibers provide continuous porosity, direct connectivity, high surface area and resorption rates consistent with bone formation.7-10

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ViviGen® MIS is a procedural solution designed to facilitate efficient bone graft delivery.


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