Sports Medicine


Product Codes:

222001, 222004, 222011...

Sports Medicine


Product Codes:

222001, 222004, 222011...

Life is dynamic. Your suture should be too.
DYNACORD™ Suture is a size 2 high-strength orthopaedic suture that self-tensions when needed* to provide continuous compression for at least 12 weeks.1**

About This Device

A high-density polyethylene suture that self-tensions when needed** and is available: 

  • On GRYPHON™ BR Suture Anchors and GRYPHON™ PEEK Suture Anchors 
  • With and without needles

Outcomes & Evidence

Biomechanical Evaluation of Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repairs Over Time

This study demonstrates how traditional rotator cuff repair technologies resulted in 32% drop off in contact pressure over a period of 160 minutes.3

DYNACORD™ Suture: A Summary of the in vivo Preclinical Evidence

Read how DYNACORD™ Sutures demonstrated safety and efficacy and exhibited an improved ability to maintain soft tissue approximation and decreased cheesewiring.6

Features & Benefits

Self-Tensioning Technology

Testing showed that FiberWire® loses 52% of suture tension within 24 hours,1 while our dynamic suture technology self-tensions when needed to provide continuous compression for at least 12 weeks.1

Reduced Tendon Cut-Through

In biomechanical studies, DYNACORD™ Sutures were shown to reduce tendon cut-through by about 27% after 1000 cycles when compared to FiberWire® Sutures (p=0.012).4**

More Secure

In benchtop testing, Duncan knots with three alternating half hitches tied with DYNACORD™ Sutures were more secure than those tied with FiberWire.5

Product Resources

Product Information

Procedure Information

  • Superior Capsular Reconstruction Procedure Guide


*Studies showed no added long-term tension at tested loads (20N, 40N). ADAPTIV #103670396.
**Animal and bench testing results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance.

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