Sports Medicine


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Sports Medicine


Product Codes:

222001, 222004, 222011... View More

The HEALIX ADVANCE™ Anchor builds upon the previous generation of anchors by featuring a multi-thread configuration that engages bone more effectively, increased anchor torque strength for harder bone applications, and multiple sizes and suture configurations to enable versatility with fixation and suture spanning.1

About This Product

HEALIX ADVANCE™ Anchor is built upon the historical performance of the HEALIX Anchor™ Instrument and dual thread technology and provides strength and versatility for various hard bone fixation.

Key features include:

  • Increased anchor torque strength for hard bone1
  • Multi-thread design may enhance speed and ease of use for faster anchor advancement1
  • Multiple anchor sizes and suture loading configurations enable versatility

Features & Benefits

Suture threads


HEALIX ADVANCE™ Suture Anchor is built on a legacy of historical excellence that demonstrates long-term reliability, while incorporating new technologies that keep it on the cutting edge of sports medicine solutions.

two HEALIX suture anchors

Ease of Use

The HEALIX ADVANCE™ Anchor is designed for ease of use with faster anchor engagement thanks to an awl-only insertion technique.

HEALIX suture anchor with threads


Multiple suture configurations and a range of anchor sizes make HEALIX ADVANCE™ Anchor a versatile anchor solution for your OR.

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  1. DePuy Synthes. Design Modification to the HEALIX ADVANCE BR & PEEK Anchors. 10/2013. Windchill #DHF-102013-MEMO12.

Please refer to the instructions for use for a complete list of indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.