Device Specifications and Comparisons

The MEGADYNE Smoke Evacuator is designed for use during open and laparoscopic procedures. The MEGADYNE Smoke Evacuator is used with accessories such as sterile smoke evacuation pencils, advanced energy sealing devices, and tubing of various sizes in conjunction with electrosurgical generators. The intended purpose of the MEGADYNE Smoke Evacuator with accessories is to remove surgical smoke created at the surgical site, resulting in a reduction of surgical smoke exposure and better surgical site visibility for the surgeon and healthcare workers.

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MEGADYNE Smoke Evacuator not-applicable

MEGADYNE Smoke Evacuator

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Compatible Pencils*

  • 251010J
  • 251015J
  • 252510
  • ME7251ST
  • ME725M1ST
  • ME7251C
  • ME725M1C
  • ME7251E
  • ME725M1E
  • 212009J
  • MEGEN1

*Codes listed only include Ethicon devices. MEGADYNE smoke evacuators are also compatible with other manufacturer’s electrosurgical pencils.

Compatible Accessories

  • 2550J
  • 2555J
  • 2255J
  • 2403J
  • 2406J
  • 2390J
  • 2395J

Accessories Included

  • 2550J
  • 2555J
  • 2403J


  • Smoke evacuator system 110v (ECVV120)
  • Mini smoke evacuator 120v (ECVV220)

Dimensions (LxWxH)

  • 16” x 15” x 7.4” (MESE1)
  • 15.5” x 11” x 6” (ECVV120, ECVV220)


  • 28 lbs (MESE1)
  • 4.3 lbs (ECVV120, ECVV220)

Maximum Flow Rate

  • 118 LPM (Liters Per Minute) in OPEN mode
  • 41 LPM in LAP mode (MESE1) and 708 LPM with 22mm tubing
  • 130 LPM with 9.5mm tubing
  • 57 LPM with 6.4mm tubing (ECVV120, ECVV220)

Minimum Flow Rate

  • 71 LPM in OPEN mode
  • 5 LPM in LAP mode (MESE1 Only)

Variable Flow Control


Device Technology

Smoke Evacuation

Surgical Approach

Open & Laparoscopic (MESE1 Only)