PUREVUE™ 4K Visualization System

Product Codes:

242302, 242401, 242288*... View More

PUREVUE™ 4K Visualization System

Product Codes:

242302, 242401, 242288*... View More

The PUREVUE™ Visualization System enhances the endoscopic visualization and case management experience for surgeons with 4K image quality, ease of pre-operative system setup and intra-operative use, and secure post-operative patient data management solutions.

About This Product

Backed by a comprehensive warranty and optional service and repair offerings, the visualization tower components and optical accessories meet the needs of minimally invasive procedures across sports medicine, general surgery, ENT, and more.

System includes:

  • The VUE Arthroscopic Tower
  • 4k Direct Coupled Arthroscopes
  • Eye-Piece Arthroscopes

Features & Benefits

PUREVUE Tower Upper Cart with Surgical Staff

4K Image Quality

Proprietary, single-chip camera sensor technology designed exclusively for endoscopy provides image clarity that is enhanced by a 4K Camera Control System, 32” 4K display, and range of scopes.

PUREVUE Computer home screen

Compact and Designed for Ease of Use1

Camera control, light source, and image management system in the PUREVUE™ 4K Camera Control System unit means a small footprint, streamlined user interface, and a multitude of customizable settings.

PUREVUE Computer and connected phone

Comprehensive Image & Case Management

Secure, connected solutions to aid in post-op surgeon to patient and OR to EMR communications.

Discover PUREVUE™ Visualization System

See how our portfolio of visualization tower components and optical accessories can help your OR redefine your visualization experience.

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