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VELYS™ Hip Navigation with CUPTIMIZE™ Hip-Spine Analysis uses data to support your technique, providing a personalized approach for functional cup and femoral implant positioning.

With class-leading hip implants and KINCISE™ Surgical Automated system, VELYS™ Hip Navigation with CUPTIMIZE™ Hip-Spine Analysis allows you to determine optimal leg length and offset more efficiently, working toward your goal of reduced postoperative complications.

Image of hip x-ray with an implant viewed in the ONETRIALTM Analysis Efficiency screen

ONETRIAL™ Analysis Efficiency provides real-time offset and leg-length calculation at trial reduction and auto-calculates the change to leg length and offset for all implant combinations in an easy-to-read chart.

VELYS Hip Navigation ONETRIAL Analysis integrates leg length and offset data with a visual overlay, providing actionable guidance for implant selection to potentially reduce OR time and fluoroscopy dose.2

Image of surgeon viewing a hip implant x-ray on the VELYSTM Hip Navigation system

CUPTIMIZE™ Hip-Spine Analysis is designed to personalize cup position and stability, providing patient-specific data to identify patients with abnormal pelvic tilt who may require unique cup placement or dual mobility implants. 

Image of surgical team analyzing implant position

A 2023 US-based retrospective study found that using fluoroscopic navigation such as VELYS™ Hip Navigation is associated with: 

  • significantly reduced 90 day and 365 day readmissions by 43% and 40% (p<0.001)  compared to robotic-assisted hip arthroplasty1 
  • reduced 90-day follow-up costs by $2005 compared to robotic-assisted hip arthroplasty1

Introducing CUPTIMIZE™ Hip-Spine Analysis

CUPTIMIZE™ Hip-Spine Analysis, a surgical planning feature in VELYS™ Hip Navigation, is a simple, x-ray–based digital tool that uses patient-specific data to help surgeons assess dislocation risk following total hip replacement (THR) surgery and identify patients who may require unique cup placement or dual mobility design.

CUPTIMIZE™ Hip-Spine Analysis Benefits

As part of the VELYS™ Hip Navigation, CUPTIMIZE™ Hip-Spine Analysis can help surgeons optimize their pre-op and post-op processes with features such as:

VELYS Hip Navigation digital touchscreen

Risk Assessment

  • Simple, digital screening tool analyzes x-rays of the patient when standing and sitting 
  • Designed to be easy to use and convenient
Surgeon reviewing VELYS Hip Navigation surgical planning

Efficient Technology

  • No long wait times: Risk analysis can be conducted in a short timeframe  
  • No additional engineering staff needed: Registration can be conducted by the surgeon or a DePuy Synthes sales representative 
  • No advanced imaging: Only requires x-rays
VELYS Hip Navigation cup positioning

Personalized Cup Position

  • Data-driven decisions with Hip-Spine Analysis, cup position analysis, and specific cup position target 
  • Designed to personalize cup position and stability 
  • Designed to identify patients with abnormal pelvic tilt, and surgeons may choose to use dual mobility implants

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