TRUMATCH™ Personalized Solutions Shoulder System 


TRUMATCH™ Personalized Solutions Shoulder System 

The TRUMATCH™ Personalized Solutions Shoulder System enables surgeons to analyze the patient’s glenohumeral anatomy in multiple dimensions and perform presurgical planning in a 3D environment.  This advanced, web-based software offers real-time planning for anatomic and reverse total shoulder arthroplasty. 

TRUMATCH™ Personalized Solutions Shoulder System


Pre-Operative Planning 

TRUMATCH™ Personalized Solutions Shoulder System offers real-time planning and patient matched surgical instrumentation designed to aid in shoulder implant positioning and procedural efficiency. 

The use of Pre-Surgical Planning, in conjunction with the glenoid guide, may reduce variability in glenoid component inclination for total and reverse shoulder arthroplasty (when compared with standard pre-operative planning and instrumentation).1 

Key Features 

TRUMATCH shoulder interface

Advanced 3D Planning 

Glenohumeral insights and multidimensional visualization are designed to increase surgical confidence on component selection and positioning specific to the patient’s pathology. 

TRUMATCH shoulder interface

Dynamic Evaluation of Shoulder Reconstruction 

Assesses patients' range of motion based on a dynamic evaluation of osteophyte removal, glenohumeral implant selection and positioning. 

TRUMATCH shoulder interface

High-Powered and Streamlined Software 

Advanced web-based software allows for access and planning on multiple devices, as well as the incorporation of automation, enhanced controls and no downloads, streamlining the process. 

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Michael Codsi, MD takes us through the latest advancements in shoulder arthroplasty using the TRUMATCH™ Personalized Solutions Shoulder System.  

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1. Heylen S, Van Haver A, Vuylsteke K, Declercq G, Verborgt O. Patient-specific instrument guidance of glenoid component implantation reduces inclination variability in total and reverse shoulder arthroplasty. J Shoulder Elbow Surg 2016;25:186-92.

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