Deformities Correction


Deformities Correction

DePuy Synthes CMF offers a variety of solutions for deformites correction through orthognathic and distraction procedures. Orthognathic procedures refer to corrective jaw surgeries undertaken to correct misalignment of the mandible (lower jaw) and maxilla (upper jaw). This type of jaw surgery may include jaw reconstruction and facial deformity correction. Distraction uses the lengthening of bone to correct problems resulting from congenital defects, syndromes, or acute trauma.

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Skull showing a bimax and genioplasty fixated with MatrixORTHOGNATHIC plates and screws


The MatrixORTHOGNATHIC™ Plating System is a simple yet comprehensive system that offers precise implants and instruments for orthognathic surgery.

Baby face showing the distraction of the mandible with the CMF distractor

CMF Distraction System

A modular system for cranial and mandibular distraction provides intraoperative flexibility to accommodate surgeon and patient needs. One system. Four indications. 1000+ configurations.

Skull showing personalized Titanium 3D Printed and PEEK Milled Implants, and Matrix plates and screws

TRUMATCH™ CMF Personalized Solutions

Advanced personalized solutions  for complex trauma and reconstructions through integrating of virtual surgical planning, intraoperative surgical tools and implants.*

Skull showing mandibular angle and symphysis fractures treated with MatrixMANDIBLE plates and screws

MatrixMANDIBLE™ System

MatrixMANDIBLE™ Plating System is a streamlined, comprehensive system that offers flexibility, ease of use and the high quality implants and instruments.

Skull showing midface trauma treated with MatrixMIDFACE plates and screws

MatrixMIDFACE™ System

The MatrixMIDFACE™ Plating System is designed as a simple and efficient system consisting of plates, screws, and instrumentation.  

Skull showing a maxillomandibular fixation using the MatrixWAVE system

MatrixWAVE™ MMF System

The MatrixWAVE™ MMF System is a bone-borne maxillomandibular fixation system that consists of a wave-shaped plate that is attached to the mandible and maxilla with self-drilling locking screws.

A deformed skull showing the distraction of the mandibular ramus and angle with the curvilinear distractor

Curvilinear Distraction System

Curvilinear distraction allows surgeons to treat complex mandibular deformities with an internal distractor.1

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  1. Kaban L, Seldin E, Kikinis R, Yeshwant K, et al. "Clinical Application of Curvilinear Distraction Osteogenesis for Correction of Mandibular Deformities." J Oral Maxillofac Surg67:996-1008.

*Virtual surgical planning, Titanium 3D printed guides, plates and implants, polyamide guides, orthognathic splints and anatomical models are manufactured by Materialise

200771-220110 DSUS

Please refer to the instructions for use for a complete list of indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.