TRUMATCH® Personalized Solutions

TRUMATCH® Personalized Solutions

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Personalize surgical planning and implementation of knee implant procedures

TRUMATCH® Personalized Solutions offers web-based surgical planning capabilities to personalize knee replacement surgery.  

TRUMATCH Personalized Solutions offers a surgical plan that can be implemented with either conventional or TRUMATCH patient-specific instrumentation.  

Key Features


Adaptable To Alignment Preference 

Pre-planning of knee replacement surgery in either mechanical or Patient Specific Alignment

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Procedural Efficiency 

Reduced number of instrument trays. Eliminate up to nine surgical steps compared to traditional knee replacement2


CT Based Alignment

Improved bone imaging, less scanning time and lower costs compared to MRIs1

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1 White, D. K. L. Chelute, B.B. Seedhom. "Accuracy of MRI vs. CT imaging with particular reference to patient specific templates for total knee replacement surgery." Int J Med Robotics Comput Assist Surg 2008; 4: 224-231.

2 Duffy, Gavin P. (2011) Maximizing Surgeon and Hospital Total Knee Arthroplasty Volume Using Customized Patient Instrumentation and Swing Operating Rooms. The American Journal of Orthopaedics, Volume XL, Number 11S, Pg 7.

Indications for Use

The TRUMATCH® Patient Specific Instruments are intended to be used as patient-specific surgical instrumentation to assist in the positioning of a joint replacement component intraoperatively and in guiding the marking of bone before cutting. The anatomical landmarks necessary for the creating of the TRUMATCH Patient Specific Instruments must be present and identifiable on CT. The TRUMATCH Patient Specific Instruments are intended for use with SIGMA® Total Knee Implants and ATTUNE® Total Knee Implants and their cleared indications for use. The TRUMATCH Patient Specific Instruments are intended for single use only.

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